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Service Offering: Wholesale Advantage DSL (WADSL) with Verizon Online Agreement
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Product Overview

Verizon Online is offering WADSL through Verizon Partner Solutions as an optional service to its Verizon Wholesale Advantage customers. WADSL will provide the Wholesale Advantage customer with access to Verizon Online consumer and business DSL services. This offer is available to the Advantage customer under an agency agreement. Under this agreement the Advantage customer will act as a marketing, ordering, billing and collection agent for Verizon Online, using the Local Service Request (LSR) to place orders for the service; and billing and collecting the charges for the product from the end user.

WADSL is currently available in Verizon East Footprint ( NY, CT, MA, RI, ME, NH, VT, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA - fGTE in PA and VA excluded ). It is anticipated that WADSL will be available for Verizon West and fGTE in PA and VA in a future release.

For information on WADSL Features, please see the WADSL Solutions page.

Verizon will offer WADSL with Verizon Online with three "up to" speeds:
  1. DSL Transport - connection speeds up to 384 kbps downstream and 384 kbps upstream
  2. DSL Transport - connection speeds up to 768 kbps downstream and 128 kbps upstream
  3. DSL Transport - connection speeds up to 3.0 mpbs downstream and 768 kbps upstream
    • If an end user is provisioned at 768K or 1.5M, the Advantage customer must advise the end user during the sales process

NOTE: If you purchase maximum connection speed of Up to 3 Mbps/768Kbps, you will be provisioned at up to 3Mbps/768K, up to 1.5Mbps/384Kbps or up to 768Kbps/128Kbps speeds according to Verizon Online's standard loop qualification guidelines.

These data speeds are maximum speeds, and actual connection and throughput speeds may be lower due to the impact of loop distance, line condition, internal wiring, the server speeds of Web sites visited on the Internet, modem technology and other factors. Therefore, Verizon does not guarantee performance levels, including data speeds, throughput, data security and packet loss or other aspects of the service.

To confirm if your Business customer should be offered Business Enhanced DSL Transport, a pre-order loop qualification inquiry is required. The speed responses from the DSL Loop Qualification Pre-Order transaction will provide an accurate determination of actual speed available. Based on that response, the CLEC can place an order for one of the three connection speeds WADSL is currently offering.

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Before Ordering WADSL

Contractual Arrangements:
It is a prerequisite for any CLEC who wishes to contract for WADSL services that they be under a baseline commercial agreement for Wholesale Advantage services. Verizon will make WADSL available to the Advantage customers who have signed a Verizon Online Agency Agreement. Please contact your Account Manager for details regarding this agreement.

Term Commitment and Term Liability:
With the annual plan, the Advantage customer must commit to keeping each end user DSL account in service with Verizon Online for a minimum of one year. Failure to do so will result in termination liability per line of $79 for consumer and $100 for business accounts.

Supported Line Types:
At this time, Verizon will support WADSL on Wholesale Advantage POTS line types only, consumer and business.

NOTE: WADSL POTS lines must be billed on WADSL POTS Class of Service only. If it is a POTS line billed under a Centrex Class of Service Account (or any other non-POTS class of service), the POTS line would need to be moved over to a Wholesale Advantage account with a POTS class of service. (i.e., RRM, RBM (etc.)), which may include multiple lines.


If a line has recently been migrated from Verizon retail or Verizon resale to Verizon Wholesale Advantage, Verizon Online systems take approximately seven (7) business days to reflect the fact that the line has been migrated. Therefore, the CLEC should wait at least seven (7) business days before placing an order to add WADSL to a line that has been migrated recently. For additional information, see the Ordering Job Aid.


  • Packet Switch:
    If the Wholesale Advantage customer signs a packet amendment, Verizon will provide Wholesale Advantage voice service over a packet switch. Verizon will supply WADSL over the local loop for Advantage lines served under a packet amendment. With a packet and WADSL amendment, you may continue to offer voice with high-speed data service as packet switch technologies are deployed.
  • FTTP/ FiOS:
    Wholesale Advantage voice services are not available on FTTP/ FiOS, therefore, WADSL will not be available on any FTTP/ FiOS services.
  • Fiber-based Services:
    WADSL will not be available on any fiber-based services at this time.
  • Line Splitting Arrangement:
    WADSL is only available under a line splitting arrangement with Wholesale Advantage Voice Service.

Prior to offering WADSL to an end user, it is critical that a DSL Loop Qualification transaction be performed to confirm the end user's address is 1) DSL capable, 2) is not provided over fiber and 3) to determine the highest available speed.

We also recommend the review of the Customer Service Record to confirm that existing voice service fits the definition of POTS line types.

In addition to qualifying the end user's address is DSL capable, the end user's computer must also meet minimum requirements. The PC Requirements checklist was developed to assist in determining that the end user's PC is compatible.

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Ordering Tips

There are some important items to keep in mind when placing an order for WADSL:

  • Multi-line WADSL services must be ordered on a one LSR per WADSL TN basis. Verizon recommends creating a LSI order template for multiple WADSL situations
  • It is important that the Delivery Contact Information is accurate, and complies with US Postal Service address standards. This contact information is used to deliver all of the software and hardware needed to establish service. Please note per ordering example W75 that there are character specifications for each field (character limits and special character limitations).
  • Once the WADSL service is established the end user should contact their CLEC for any additional DSL features or services
  • See the Wholesale Advantage Interval Guide for the available intervals.

Order Mapping Guide:

The following chart is brief guide to assist with a variety of different ordering requests the CLECs may wish to issue. More detailed information can be found by viewing the Business Rules, Wholesale Advantage POTS USOC Guide, Wholesale Advantage DSL (WADSL) Ordering Guide or Order Samples W75 and W76.

Type of Request
TOS 2nd Character = "L", LTOS L,
Add VZBB data With VOL ISP to an existing Advantage line REQTYP DB, ACT C, LNA C, SDP E, LTOS L
Disconnect Data REQTYP DB, ACT C, LNA C, SDP D
Disconnect Account REQTYP DB, ACT D, LNA D, SDP D
Partial Disconnect - WTN on Multi-line account (East) REQTYP DB, ACT C, AC A, LNA (BTN) D, LNA (WTN) Z, SDP D,
Voice Change of TN REQTYP DB, ACT C, LTOS L, LNA X, or LNA C (Populate OTN)
Port the voice REQTYP CB, ACT V, LNA V
Speed Change REQTYP DB, ACT C, LNA C, SDP C, FA = D and Feature Field = current speed USOC FA = N and Feature Field = new speed USOC

REQTYP DB, ACT C, LNA C, SDP C, FA = D and Feature Field = current speed USOC FA = N and Feature Field = new speed USOC. (Dynamic to Static or Static to Dynamic changes are not allowed. Such changes require disconnection and reconnection of DSL service.)
Standalone CPE REQTYP DB, ACT C, LNA C, SDP G, FA = N and Feature Field = CPE USOC(full price USOC only for subsequent order). Loop Qual field should be left blank
Static IP Qty Change - from default of one to block REQTYP DB, ACT C, LNA C, SDP G, FA = N and Feature Field = Static IP Block USOC
Static IP Qty Change - from block to default of one REQTYP DB, ACT C, LNA C, SDP G, FA = D and Feature Field = Current Static IP Block USOC
Static IP Qty Change - block to block REQTYP DB, ACT C, LNA C, SDP G, FA = D and Feature Field = Current Static IP Block USOC FA = N and Feature Field = new Static IP Block USOC

Changing to or from the default Static IP Quantity does not require the user to specify any additional information in the Feature Field. Specifying FA=N and inserting the desired Static IP Block USOC in the Feature Field, for example, automatically changes the Static IP Quantity from the default value of "1" to the desired Static IP Quantity. Similarly, specifying FA=D and inserting the Current Static IP Block USOC in the Feature Field automatically deletes the current Static IP Quantity and causes the Static IP Quantity to revert to the default value of "1".

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Getting Started

There will be communications between Verizon Online and the end user throughout the WA DSL Order process. This End User Communications Guide will explain the communications in detail. Verizon Online, through an arrangement with Verizon Teleproducts, will ship CPE, which includes modem or gateway, microfilters, a user guide, and the installation software. Installation software will be either a CD or may be downloaded via a Web site.

Trouble Administration:

  • Trouble Reporting
    1. Problems with the voice service should always be created through electronic interfaces (LSI-TA, EB, and TAXI).
    2. Problems with the data service have to be reported by the end user or by the CLEC with the end user on the line to Verizon Online . The Consumer Verizon Online contact number is 800-567-6789. The Business Verizon Online contact number is 888-649-9500. The End User must have access to the equipment (i.e., router, PC, software) and be available for trouble isolation when calling Verizon Online.
  • Requests for Status:
    1. The CLEC can obtain status on a voice trouble ticket through any of the electronic interfaces.
    2. The CLEC can obtain status on the DSL data service by calling the Regional CLEC Maintenance Center (RCMC) on 800-425-0891. (The CLEC should not have the End User on the line when calling the RCMC).
    3. The CLEC should indicate that the status request is for a DSL TN to eliminate confusion or incorrect ticket searches by the RCMC.
  • Escalation Requests:
    1. The CLEC can request an escalation by calling RCMC Customer Care at 804-204-2137. (The CLEC should not have the End User on the line when calling the RCMC).
    2. The CLEC should indicate that the escalation is for a DSL TN to eliminate confusion or incorrect ticket searches by the RCMC.
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