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Ordering Advanced Intelligent Network: AIN
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Product Overview

The Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) Service Control Points (SCP) contain call processing programs that instruct the network on how to route or handle calls based on specific criteria (e.g., who should be charged for a call, how to handle a call if a dialed number is not available).

Service Types

The following service type(s) of AIN are available:
  • Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN), Verizon East
Before Completing Your Order

Please gather and validate the following information prior to submission of your order.

Order Information for AIN:
AIN Service Development is an intensive process that requires collaboration between the CLEC and the Verizon Account Manager.

Complete application for service:
  • Work with your Account Manager to arrange for AIN Service Creation Training.
  • Develop AIN Service Logic.
  • Interface with Verizon to deploy Logic to the network.
  • Complete a preliminary application for service.
Complete an AIN service certification:
  • Contact Verizon when AIN service creation is ready to begin.
  • Test AIN database with Verizon.
  • Conduct ongoing testing and certification through completion.

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Completing Your Order

AIN "REQTYP" (requisition type) provided on the LSR is "RB".

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