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Ordering Wholesale Advantage: Wholesale Advantage
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Product Overview

Wholesale Advantage is a bundle of loop, switching, and enhanced features such as Voice Mail, offered through a commercially negotiated agreement between Verizon and a CLEC.

The following optional services are available with a signed amendment or sales agency agreement:
  • Wholesale Advantage Inside Wire and Repair
  • Wholesale Advantage Voice Mail Service
  • Wholesale Advantage with DSL
Service Types

Wholesale Advantage is offered in packet switch locations if the customer has a signed Packet Agreement.

The following service type(s) of Wholesale Advantage are available. Refer to your Wholesale Advantage Agreement for services available per jurisdiction:
  • Analog PBX Trunks
  • Centrex/Centranet
  • Coin
  • FX Verizon East
  • Non-Centrex Basic Rate ISDN
  • Public Access Lines
  • Remote Call Forwarding
  • Residential and Business POTS
Before Completing Your Order

Please gather and validate the following information prior to submission of your Wholesale Advantage order.

Order Information for Wholesale Advantage:
Action Reference
In Verizon West, when a feature with prerequisites is ordered, you will need to determine if the prerequisites are on the account. If they are not they must be ordered concurrently with the line or feature. You will need to also determine if you are ordering conflicting combinations of features. Wholesale Advantage Feature Combination Tablepdf file
Wholesale Advantage is offered in packet switch locations if the customer has a signed Packet Agreement. Please contact your account manager to obtain this agreement. Before submitting an order for these services, you should review the Packet Switch Deployment list. Resale services can be ordered in packet switching central office locations. Additional information about ordering Resale Services can be found in the Local Ordering Guide. Packet Switch Deployment List for Verizonpdf file
If you are provisioning new or change service determine a valid due date for your order. Wholesale Advantage Product Interval Guidepdf file

Identify the appropriate blocking to be applied to the account if you are ordering a block on an end user account. See Appendix in Verizon's Business Rules (Verizon East)
To ensure accurate order submission and E911 database updates determine valid service address for the end user. Obtain accurate information from the end user and validate by using the appropriate Pre-Order transaction. Address Validation/TN Reservation Pre-Order Sample (Verizon East)
Determine other order information by completing the appropriate Pre-Order transaction for your order activity type. Order Activities and Pre-Order Transactions
Gather accurate service ordering codes. Universal Service Offering Codes (USOCs) (Verizon East)
Provide the correct TOS (type of service) for the specific service being requested. Verizon's Business Rules
CLEC to CLEC Migration -
In the Pre-Order process:
  • Contact the "Donor" CLEC and request service configuration.
  • Determine a valid due date.
  • Coordinate due dates with the "Donor" CLEC (1 LSR is sent to Verizon and 1 Service Request is sent to the "Donor" CLEC).
  • NOTE: "Donor" CLEC is responsible for sending notification via PS/ALI (Alpha/Numeric Listing Identifier) connection to "Unlock" E911 Database. The request is dated to correspond with the service order due dates.
  • Reserve any additional telephone numbers by using the appropriate Pre-Order transaction.
  • The "Donor" company issues an "UNLOCK" function transaction record via the appropriate Verizon electronic interface system. This transaction unlocks the customer's E 9-1-1 record. At this point, AND NOT BEFORE, the Recipient Company must issue a 'Migrate' function transaction record via the appropriate Verizon electronic interface system. This migrate function transaction record will change the ownership of the TN record from the "Donor" Company to the Recipient Company, create a new ALI record, and lock the record to the Recipient Company.
Advantage Product Interval Guide (Verizon East)

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Completing Your Order

Wholesale Advantage "REQTYP" (requisition type) provided on the LSR is "DB" (Verizon East).

Provide the correct Network Channel (NC), Network Channel Interfaces (NCI) and Secondary Network Channel Interface (SECNCI) codes. Services cannot be provisioned unless the correct NC/NCI codes are provided.
  • These codes identify the physical and electronic characteristics of the circuit and need to correspond with the "TOS" entered on the LSR.
  • NC/NCI and SECNCI codes are Telcordia standard and are located at, Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
  • Verizon Business Rules provides product specific codes.
Wholesale Advantage is provided subject to the availability of facilities on a first-come first-serve basis in the requested central office. If facilities are not available when requested, the CLEC will be notified by a jeopardy report. In response to the jeopardy report, the CLEC may choose to cancel the order or postpone the date until facilities are available.

When requesting Buried Service Wire or a new or move of a network interface device (NID), review the Buried Wire Service Offering page

Density cells are geographic areas for an end user address based on the end user's central office. Density cells are used to determine the last two characters of the Wholesale Advantage service USOC/IOSC, Density Cells/Zones (Verizon East)xls file

Voice Mail, check with Verizon for availability, contracts may need to be negotiated with Verizon.

Operator Services and Directory Assistance Services (OS/DA) contracts may need to be negotiated contact Verizon for specific details.

Wholesale Advantage is available to a CLEC without a collocation arrangement with Verizon.

The End User, prior to migration of an account to Wholesale Advantage, must remove the "Freeze PIC Indicator", Verizon East.

For Non-Centrex Basic Rate ISDN , the Service Product Enhancement Code field "SPEC" is used to indicate ISDN Ordering Code (IOC) when requesting installation, migration, or changing the ISDN Ordering Code.

Wholesale Advantage Centrex with AD9: Verizon East
  • A service that is pre-built into a common block, which does not require an individual common block per system.
  • UNE Centrex Questionnaire is not required when ordering, Standard and Options features are provided.
  • The minimum number of lines is two with AD9.
Analog PBX Wholesale Advantage: Analog PBX is offered with different types of service. Verizon East
  • Analog DID PBX (Analog Direct Inward Dialing Private Branch Exchange)
  • Analog DOD PBX (Analog Direct Outward Dialing Private Branch Exchange)
  • Analog DIOD PBX (Analog Direct /Inward/Outward Dialing Private Branch Exchange)
The existing Trunk Group Number (TGP) and Route Index Number (RTI) are to be reused for migrations.

Re-Instate Telephone Number, Verizon East - If a customer desires to re-install their telephone number (TN) that has been disconnected for less than 30 days the CLEC must:
  • Populate the "AAI" Field with "RE-INSTATE TN" and do not populate "RPON" Field.
If a customer desires to re-install their telephone number (TN) and it has been over 30 days the CLEC must issue an LSR for a new connect.

CLEC to CLEC Migration -
In the Order process:
  • Submit an LSR using the "ACT" of "N" and the "LNA" of "N".
  • When porting in a Verizon NXX, the same telephone number (TN) can be ported back provided the end user has not moved out of the rate center. Rate Centers can have multiple switches (wire centers). In Verizon West, contact your NMC Specialist.
  • When porting in a CLEC NXX, the TN can only be provisioned in the wire center associated with the end user's address. Wire Centers are exchange areas within a central office. In Verizon West, contact your NMC Specialist.
  • Reserved TNs can be ported when the end user is also porting an active number. The LSR must list all TNs porting, including the reserved TN(s). The "Remarks" field will be noted with the reserved TN(s).
Distinctive Ring (Verizon East)
A Retail telephone number that will be used as a Distinctive Ring number on a CLEC account cannot be migrated "as specified". The CLEC has two options for retaining the Distinctive Ring telephone number.
  1. The CLEC must have the End User disconnect the account in Retail before re-using the telephone number for a Wholesale Account.
  2. CLEC must issue 3 separate Local Service Requests (LSRs)
    • First, a migration of account "as is"
    • Second, issue disconnect request, once the Billing Completion Notification (BCN) is received (Relate it to Distinctive Ring LSR)
    • Third, issue Distinctive Ring request on CLEC Billing account (Relate it to disconnect LSR)
Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) is available to Business and Government end users. It is not valid on Residential Accounts. It is ordered by populating the "TSP" field with an authorization code. A TSP Authorization Code is assigned to the end user by the Office of Priority Telecommunications. A separate unique TSP Authorization Code is required for each service or circuit ID. Separate codes are required for each segment or location of a multi-point circuit. It is the responsibility of the end user to obtain the code and provide to their local service provider.

Changes to Hunting for the following should be done via the Hunt Group Information (HGI) Form:
  • Rearranging an existing Hunt Group
  • Adding an existing line or lines on the account to an existing Hunt Group
  • Creating a new Hunt Group for existing lines on the account
  • Deleting an entire Hunt Group (no disconnect of any lines)
  • Deleting a line or lines from an existing Hunt Group (no disconnection of any lines)
A Port Service (PS) Form is not required for these changes. If changes in addition to Hunting are required use the appropriate LNA values on the PS Form.