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Verizon Partner Solutions offers, for resale under commercial agreements, two wholesale mobile services: Verizon Wholesale Mobile Voice and Verizon Wholesale Mobile Broadband.

Customers may choose from a number of service packages (including voice, text messaging, and EVDO Broadband) as well as handsets, a PC aircard, and accessories.

Wholesale Mobile services include the following features:
  • Wide selection of mobile voice, text, and broadband data bundles
  • Competitively-priced bundles
  • Procurement of generic, white-labeled, handsets and aircards
  • Over-the-air activation of service
  • Direct shipment of equipment to wholesale client or its end user
  • Web-based ordering platform for both service and equipment
  • Technical troubleshooting support available
For more information on Verizon Wholesale Mobile Services, please see the Verizon Wholesale Mobility Solutions page. Let us help you succeed in today's competitive market.

*Verizon makes this Wholesale Mobility Solutions Order Guide available as a convenience to its customers. The Order Guide (including without limitation any error or inaccuracy contained therein) shall not be deemed to impose any obligation upon Verizon, or to alter any rights or obligations of Verizon or a customer under an agreement or otherwise.
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Getting Started

Wholesale Mobile Service requires a contractual agreement between your company and Verizon. Please contact your Verizon Account Manager for more information.
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Placing Orders

Local Services Interface (LSI) is the on-line portal for East and West Mobile Service orders.

Visit our LSI web portal page for questions about LSI, connectivity, sign-in and more at: http://www22.verizon.com/wholesale/systemsmeasures/local/systems/lsi/1,,application,00.html

Customers will use LSI to enter their Mobile Services orders (see screen print below). LSI includes a new Other Services option that will house the Mobile Services ordering interface.

After you "Sign In" to LSI you will see a section called "Other Services." Select this link to access the Other Services page.

Click "Go" under the Other Services box to enter the Mobile Services Ordering Interface
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Order and Product types

The following order types are available in the Mobile Services Interface:
  • Bulk Equipment
  • New Orders
  • Change Orders
  • Disconnect Orders

A description of each order and product type follows below:

Order Type
Product Type
Bulk n/a - prepopulated with Equipment Only n/a Order a supply of unactivated equipment and accessories to be shipped to the VPS customer's site which can later be activated and provided to the VPS customer's end users.
New Equipment Only n/a Order unactivated equipment and accessories and have it shipped directly to the end user.
New Equipment & Service No Order equipment and accessories, request a MDN, activate MDN, and ship equipment and accessories to the end user.
New Equipment & Service (Port) Yes Order equipment and accessories, request a port of a telephone number (TN), activate the ported TN (MDN), and ship equipment and accessories to the end user.
New Service Only No Request a new MDN, and activate the MDN for previously-ordered, unactivated equipment.
New Service Only (Port) Yes Request a port of a TN, and activate the MDN for previously-ordered, unactivated equipment.
Change Equipment Only n/a
Request a change in equipment by either:
Providing the ESN of previously-ordered, unactivated equipment
Requesting new equipment
(Note: additional accessories can be ordered with the new equipment)

The new equipment will be activated for the end user?s existing MDN.
Change Service Only n/a Request change of service including changes to:
Voice Plan
Voice Features
Text Plan
Broadband Plan
Broadband Features
Change Equipment & Service n/a Request a change of equipment and a change of service on the same order. (see description of options on Change - Equipment Only and Change - Service Only above)
Change Change MDN n/a Request a new MDN for an activated MDN. The end user?s NPA/NXX or zip code is provided to request the new MDN. The new MDN will be activated for the end user?s existing equipment.
Change Suspend or Restore n/a Suspend or restore an activated MDN. A MDN with a suspend status cannot send or receive calls.
Change Hotline n/a Activate or deactivate a hotline for an activated MDN. A MDN with an activated hotline sends all outgoing calls to the specified hotline number. The VPS customer will need to provide the hotline number at time of order.
Disconnect n/a n/a Deactivate a MDN.

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Bulk Equipment

Bulk Equipment orders allow VPS customers to obtain a supply of unactivated handsets and accessories that can later be activated and provided to their end users
The equipment section of the Bulk Equipment order allows you to specify a quantity for each handset, aircard and/or accessory that you wish to order up to a quantity of 100. Quantities greater than 100 will require multiple orders.

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New Order

For New Orders, the following product types are available:
  • Service & Equipment
  • Equipment (only)
  • Service (only)
If equipment has already been purchased from VPS via a New Order - Equipment-Only or a Bulk Equipment order, you may place a New Order request for "Service"(only)to activate a MDN. In this case you will provide the ESN (Electronic Serial Number) or MEID (Mobile Equipment Identification Number) in the Service section.

If you have an existing number that you wish to port to Verizon Mobile Service, then you would select the Port Order box.
Depending on the product type chosen for a New Order, different sections will appear on the next screen for data entry. The possible sections that can appear are Equipment, Service and Port.

New Orders including Equipment will display the following section on the next screen:

Note on New Orders that include equipment: A customer may only order one type of equipment (handset or data card) per order. However, you may order multiple accessories or features by holding down the control key and left clicking. See example below:
A New Order that includes Service will display the following section on the next screen:
New Orders that include a Port will display the following section on the next screen:
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Change Order

Change orders are used to make changes to plans, features and/or equipment on activated MDNs. For example, changes can include upgrades in service plans (e.g., moving from 500 minute voice plan to 1350 minute voice plan).
For Change orders, the following product types are available:
  • Equipment Only
  • Service Only
  • Equipment and Service
  • Change MDN
  • Suspend & Restore
  • Hot Line

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Disconnect Order

Disconnect Orders may be placed to de-activate an active Mobile Directory Number (MDN). The MDN and ESN/MEID fields are required when placing a disconnect order.
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To help you create VPS Wholesale Mobile Service requests, order samples that illustrate different solutions are available at the following link: Mobile Services Sample requestspdf file

After submitting your request you will receive a pop-up indicating that your order has been successfully submitted.
Your Work List will indicate "Acknowledged" for the submitted order.
If the service request is incomplete or incorrect, your Work List will indicate "Error." Please note that an "Error" on a service request cannot be corrected or supplemented (Supplemental Activity). In the event of an "Error," you must issue another request
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Work List

The Work List provides you the ability to view your order and the status of the order by clicking on the hyperlink.
  • To view an order, click on the PON number.
  • To view the status of your order, see the "Status" column and, for details on "Error" and "Completed" status, click on "Error" or "Completed."
"Acknowledged" indicates that the order has been accepted by VPS for processing. Orders with "Acknowledged" status will remain on the Work List until the order is processed.

"Error" indicates that the order is rejected due to an error with the order. The error information may be viewed by clicking on the "Error" indicator in the "Status" column of the Work List. In the event of an "Error?, customers must re-enter the order into the system with the corrections and/or information as indicated in the "Error" details.

"Completed" indicates that the order has been processed, and you may view the ESN/MEID, Shipping Tracking Number and/or MDN by clicking on the "Completed" indicator in the "Status" column of the Work List.

Orders with "Completed" and "Error" statuses will remain for 30 days on the Work List.

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You may use the "Search" function by PON Number for up to one year after an order was submitted. While an individual user may only view their own Work List, the "Search" function allows a user to find and view a PON from any other users in their company.
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Reporting Troubles

You may contact us with issues on your order by submitting a CLEC Self Service Ticket (CSST) within LSI, using the "CLEC Ticket Entry" option under "Tools" on the menu bar.
A Mobile Service Issues link has been added to "Reason Options" on the CSST page:
Four different detail options are available under Mobile Services Issues, as shown in the screen example below:
  • Billing Issue - Issue or question concerning delivery of billing data only (should any billing disputes arise, they are handled via separate established processes).
  • Equipment Issue - Issue or question concerning equipment after completion of a mobile services order.
  • Ordering Issue - Issue or question concerning submitting mobile services orders.
  • Service Issue - Issue or question concerning service after completion of a mobile service order.

"Ticket Status" will continue to indicate the "Assigned Group," "Verizon Contact," and "Verizon Contact CBR" fields with the NMC information. However, please use 888-346-5705, prompt 7, instead of the NMC contact number listed in the screen sample below. Our CSST system will be updated soon to reflect the correct telephone number.

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Contact Us

Verizon Partner Solutions Mobile Service Center may be contacted at 888-346-5705, prompt 7, or via email at VPSMobileService_Mgt@verizon.com.
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Glossary of Terms

ESN Equipment Serial Number Handset 11 digit alpha numeric serial number provided by the VPS equipment vendor
EU End User Wholesale client's customer
LSI Local Service Interface VPS-provided web application for ordering service
MDN Mobile Directory Number Mobile TN
MEID Mobile Equipment Identification Number Handset 18 digit alpha numeric serial number provided by VPS equipment vendor. The MEID is the functional equivalent of the ESN, and each handset will have either an ESN or an MEID.
TN Telephone Number Telephone Number
OSP Old Service Provider When porting a TN, the OSP is the service provider from which the TN will be ported.
VPS Verizon Partner Solutions Verizon group responsible for this product offering

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