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Directory Quantities and Ordering Directories

It is important to note that the DIRQTYNC (Number of Directories Delivered on New Connect or Moves) field on the DL form must be populated with the number of directories that need to be delivered to the customer on New and Outside Move orders. If this field is blank or populated with zero (0), the customer will not receive directories.

The normal number of directories to be provided to a customer is one per line. However, Verizon will provide a reasonable amount of free directories to customers when requested. This may be accomplished by entering the quantity in the DIRQTYNC field. If the customer determines that they need additional directories after the order is placed, they may contact directory distribution at 1-800-888-8448.

Requests made by calling this number will result in the additional directories being provided for future annual directory distribution, if the customer specifies this is what is desired. Otherwise, the additional directories will only be provided for the current publication.

Directory distribution will provide a reasonable number of additional free directories, if requested. It is difficult to define what is considered to be reasonable due to differing circumstances and needs. Verizon has identified a reasonable quantity as follows:

  • Residence Customer: 1 - 3 directories (or 1 per line)
  • Small Business: 75 (or 1 per line or employee)
  • Large Business: 200 (or 1 per line, employee, hotel room)
Requests that exceed these amounts may be granted, depending on their circumstances and the requirements of the end user. If the customer requests a number of directories deemed to be above the reasonable amount, charges would apply. Charges for additional directories are dependent on the requester?s location and on the directory requested.

Customers may also purchase directories for other areas from directory distribution at 1-800-888-8448 or DirectoryStore.com.

Ordering Directories for CLEC Use
Local Exchange Carriers providing directory listings for Verizon telephone directories are entitled to receive complimentary copies of the directory for their internal use. Use the Local Exchange Carrier Directory Request Form to order up to 10 copies per title, per year. This form may be used to request the current issue only and/or place a standing order for the directory. When requesting the current issue of a directory, allow 5-7 days for shipping. If you need to expedite the order, you will need to provide your account number for billing of the shipment.

This form should also be submitted to reduce or cancel standing orders when they are no longer necessary. When canceling a standing order, place a zero in the standing order quantity. If the label from the standing order is available, please provide the order control number on the form.