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Getting Started With TAXI

TAXI (Trouble Administration XML Interface) can be used to electronically manage trouble tickets with Verizon by using a Web Service Interface - a collection of operations that are network-accessible through standardized XML messaging - which allows your company to report and track troubles with Verizon. Real-time data exchanged via TAXI may be integrated into your company's internal system/application for trouble reporting and tracking. TAXI allows you to update values, send authorization, request escalations, and send log entries. Additionally, TAXI provides you with the option to implement Line Testing as a self-service function. By using TAXI, your company can track a trouble ticket electronically rather than having to make phone calls to check the status of a trouble ticket.

Web Service is a software component that consists of the following features:

  • It is accessible through a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) interface.
  • Its interface is described in a Web Service Description Language (WSDL) contained in the Technical Specifications document.
Standard Transactions include:
  • Synchronous Transactions - Create, Modify, Status, Escalation, and Request to Close.
  • Asynchronous Transactions - Line Testing.
  • Call Back Transactions - Line Testing Response.
  • Notifications Transactions - Attribute Value Change notifications (AVC), and Closeout notification.
  • Web Service Client using SOAP 1.1
  • For callback transactions and notifications, the Access Customer will provide a Verisign SSL/Client Digital Certificate. The Customer will keep the SSL Server Certificate on its server and provide the Client Digital Certificate to Verizon.
  • Publish the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) for callback transactions and notifications and provide the location to Verizon.
  • Review the current Technical Specifications document.
After the Access Customer completes and submits the connectivity request form, Verizon Connectivity Management will review the form. Once validated, they will provide a user name, password, and the WSDL URLs for testing & production environments.

The following tasks must be completed to establish this connection:
Submit Connectivity Request over a Secure Connection To sign up for TAXI, complete and submit the TAXI Connectivity Request Form. Verizon . Verizon will contact the Customer when an account has been established.
Complete Connectivity Testing View information about Connectivity Testing.
Complete CTE Testing View information about Trouble Administration Pre-Production (TAPP).
Ready to Begin If you have completed the previous steps and are experiencing systems trouble, please email the TAXI Development Team.

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