Customer Profile Self-Service Tool (CPSST)

CLECs interested in doing business with Verizon are required to provide Local Services Profile data. CPSST is a tool designed to provide CLECs the capability of submitting Local Services Profile specific data to Verizon through self-service. CPSST accepts information about CLECs such as tax and fee exemptions, contact numbers, applications requested, and other data required to establish ordering capabilities and billing services to the CLECs. CLECs can also use CPSST to establish partnership information for line splitting, establish partnership information for loop sharing, and authorize third-party vendors to access specific Verizon systems on their behalf.

CPSST allows CLECs to either create new profiles or modify existing ones. All Resellers and CLECs must input appropriate customer-specific data. New profiles and updates to existing profiles must be submitted through CPSST. For profile update requests to exit a state or market, please contact Customer Profile Management at

Choose your option:

  • Existing users can access CPSST to create or update profiles.
    Customer Profile Self-Service Tool (CPSST)

  • New users can apply for a User ID and Password to access CPSST. Only those responsible for updating and maintaining their company profiles with Verizon should apply. For read-only access to your company's profiles, contact the person responsible in your company for profile maintenance.
    Customer Profile Self-Service Tool (CPSST) Access Request Form,
  • enter your personal information, then Under "Applications", select Customer Profile Self Service Tool under "Tools". Please submit one request per ACNA.

  • To learn more about the Customer Profile Self-Service Tool , view this video.

  • To learn more about using CPSST to grant third-party vendors access to specific Verizon systems, download this PDF.
    Managing Third Party Vendors




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