Verizon Partner Solutions

Creating a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Verizon

We are eager to begin working with you. The first order of business is to obtain a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between you (our customer) and certain of the Verizon companies.

You can access and submit the NDA online via the link below. Please note that in order to complete and submit the NDA, you will need to have authority to execute the NDA on behalf of your company. You will need the following information to fill out the NDA form:

  • Customer Legal Entity Name: This is the most important piece of information on the form. Please provide the legal entity name of your company exactly as it appears on your company‚Äôs incorporation documents (in the case of a corporation) or other formation documents (in the case of a limited liability company, limited partnership, or other entity that is not a corporation) submitted to the Secretary of State (or other applicable government office for forming corporations or other legal entities) of the jurisdiction of incorporation or formation, including capitalization and punctuation. This should be the legal entity name under which you intend to contract with Verizon. The legal entity name will be verified against Secretary of State and/or FCC filing information. If there is a discrepancy in the legal entity name used, you will be asked to resubmit the NDA form with the correct legal entity name.
  • Please Note: You must sign a separate NDA for each entity that is to contract with Verizon. Please do not list more than one entity on each NDA form.

  • State of Incorporation or Formation
  • Address/Party to Receive Notices under the NDA
    • Attention To: Name
    • Street Address
    • City, ST ZIP
    • Country
    • Phone Number
    • E-Mail Address
  • Name of authorized signor
  • Title of authorized signor
  • E-Mail Address of authorized signor

Upon completion and electronic signing of the online NDA, it will automatically be forwarded to Verizon for review and countersignature. After the NDA is reviewed and signed by Verizon, a PDF copy of the fully executed NDA will be e-mailed to the signor.

Fill out the online NDA now.

View a SAMPLE NDA (this document can be used for review purposes only and cannot be executed).

If you should have any questions about the online NDA or the process, please contact us.