Order Samples: Resale Orders LSOG-9
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To help you create Local Service Requests (LSRs), Verizon offers a library of order samples that illustrate proper completion of LSRs for different order types. Each order sample includes required forms and fields, and sample values for each field.

This selection includes common order types in LSOG 9. Your order may not match any of these samples exactly. You may use these samples in their entirety or just the forms/fields that correspond to the exact order you are placing. For a complete listing of appropriate forms, fields and values for all order types, refer to the Business Rules (links at right).

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To find the correct order sample for your region, locate the order you want and select East

Wholesale Advantage Resale UNE Directory
  CLEC purchases Verizon service at a discount and resells it to their customers (end users).  
Ref. Activity Description Service Type Verizon Region
R1 New Service
Install New ISDN-PRI Service
Business ISDN-PRI East
R3 New Service
Install multiple lines
Add feature
Add jacks. For Verizon East, CLEC must have a signed Resale Inside Wire Installation and Maintenance Agreement prior to ordering installation of jacks.
Business POTS East
R4 Migration "as is"
Migrate 3 Centrex/ Centranet Lines
Business Centrex/ Centranet East
R5 Post Migration
Change of Centrex/Centranet Features
Business Centrex/ Centranet East
R6 Migration "as specified, full"
Migrate account
Change directory listing
Add feature
Business POTS East
R8 Post Migration
Change of Service Address
Change Listings
Business POTS East
R9 Post Migration
Install Additional ISDN-BRI Line
Residence ISDN-BRI East
R10 New Service
Install new ISDN BRI line
(East) Adds Feature with 24 Month Term Agreement
Business ISDN-BRI East
R11 Post Migration
Change telephone number on main line
Change type of listing
Add feature
PIC Change
Residence POTS East
R12 Post Migration
Move service
Residence POTS East
R21 Post Migration
Changes class of service
Add Call Forwarding and Ultra Forward with access TN (East only)
Residence POTS East
R25 Migration
Migrate CLEC to CLEC
Port Telephone number (East only)
Business POTS East
R26 Post Migration
Add Distinctive Ring/SmartRing feature
Residence POTS East
R27 New Service
Install new service DID Trunks
Business PBX DID/DOD East
R29 Post Migration
Change a Residential Line to a Business Line
Change Listing
Residence POTS East
R32 Disconnect
Disconnect Service
Business POTS East
R38 Migration "as specified"
CLEC adds Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
CLEC adds call forwarding
Residence POTS East
R40 New Service
Business RCF
Business POTS East
R42 New Service
Installs New Service
Installs Off Prem Extension
Business POTS East
R43 New Service
Install New Private Line Service
Business Private Line East
R53 Move of End User Location
Business ISDN-PRI East
R54 New Service
Single Rate ISDN-PRI
Business ISDN-PRI East
R54 New Connect Two PRIs with Hunting PRI East
R55 New Connect PRI FX PRI East
R56 RePoint Repoint PRI to PRI PRI East
R57 RePoint Repoint POTs to PRI PRI East
R58 Change PRI Add Calling Party Number - Default Directory PRI East
R59 Change PRI Add Calling Party Number - Specific Directory PRI East

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