Ethernet Solutions

Verizon Partner Solutions is focused on providing you with the latest technologies to support your network needs. Our Ethernet solutions can provide you with a range of cost-effective alternatives today. Trust a dependable, reliable provider like Verizon to meet your Ethernet needs.

LAN Extension Service (LES)

Need a cost-effective solution for providing customers competitively priced Ethernet-based services? Look no further than Verizon. Our LAN Extension Service empowers you with the fiber needed to feed Ethernet capabilities -- wherever fiber facilities are available. >more

Optical Wave Service

As demand in network capacity continues to increase to support high bandwidth services and when bandwidth requirements between two locations are very large, Optical Wave Service may be your preferred solution for interconnectivity. Optical Wave Service provides for a fully-managed, point-to-point circuit over a dedicated path across Verizon’s ROADM-based shared wavelength network infrastructure. >more

Transparent LAN Service (TLS)

Transparent LAN Service (TLS, aka Switched Ethernet Services) gives you the opportunity to offer your customers lower costs for data communications at native Ethernet speeds between sites within many Verizon metropolitan service areas. TLS is available in two service types: Ethernet Multipoint Service (EMS) and Ethernet Relay Service (ERS) with multiple Class of Service options. >more

Verizon Optical Networking

Gain a competitive edge with our new Verizon Optical Networking service. Verizon Optical Networking offers point-to-point, dedicated Ethernet private line service for intraLATA access applications. The Verizon Optical Networking platform allows the convergence of voice and data, seamlessly, so your customers receive a single LAN/WAN network solution while purchasing only the bandwidth they need. >more