Long Distance - Inbound Services

Verizon Enterprise flexible, wholesale inbound voice service suite facilitates communication with you and your customers. Verizon's intelligent network lets your company route incoming toll-free calls according to your business needs. Our advanced and enhanced call routing features provide support and Follow-the-Sun routing capabilities. Verizon boasts excellent call performance and call completion rates, multiple Rating options, and invoice, media delivery choices.

Advanced Toll Free

Advanced Toll Free Service is one of the most complete inbound transport services available. Featuring a wide variety of routing options, ATF service is provided on one of the most reliable platforms in the industry. In addition to having a robust service, Advanced Toll Free offers advanced management and reporting tools to help you manage your service and expenses. The flexibility and sophistication of Advanced Toll Free Service allow you to accommodate your customer's most complex applications while providing one of the best values in the industry. >more

Basic Toll Free

Basic Toll Free Service is a convenient, flexible service that allows callers to reach, free of charge to the caller, companies that subscribe to toll-free service. Because the long-distance network is extremely intelligent, you can route your incoming, toll-free calls according to your business needs and in most cases, without any special equipment or significant expense. >more

Global Inbound Services (GIS)

Global Inbound Service is a virtual private network (VPN) offering that employs Intelligent Network Call Processing (INCP) to provide a reliable, feature-rich, international toll-free service on a global network strengthened by state-of-the-art CS-1 architecture. This facilities-based offering allows for several access and egress methods based on the availability of Verizon in-country facilities. Depending on the access method, Global Inbound can give your customer a "local" presence even if operations are in another country. >more

International Toll Free Service

ITFS provides your non-U.S. customers or U.S. customers that are traveling, access to businesses in the United States at no charge to the caller. ITFS gives you the opportunity to increase billed international minutes and provide other international voice products. >more

Universal International Freephone Number Service (UIFN)

UIFN provides toll-free calling from international locations to the United States. UIFN simplifies international sales and marketing efforts by providing one single number that identifies your company or your customer's company that can be dialed from over 40 countries. Expanding your international presence has never been easier. >more

OC 192 Available for Point-to-Point SONET