Long Distance - Outbound Services

Whether you are calling across town or to the other side of the world, Outbound Long Distance is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to connect your business and your customer's business. Outbound voice allows you to simplify the management of telecom expenses with web based ordering, streamlined invoicing, and online reporting options. Wholesale Outbound Voice services help control costs with expense management features that can easily track and allocate employee, client, department, or project expenses, ensures enhance productivity with round-the-clock support, and allows termination to virtually every country in the world.

CIC Translations

Carrier Identification Code (CIC) Translation Service allows you to designate the Verizon network for the routing of all calls associated with your Carrier Identification Code. When the CIC Translation is performed on the Verizon network, the standard offering will include all traffic associated with the CIC for 1+, 0+ and Toll Free traffic. >more

Outbound Long Distance

Verizon Enterprise offers customers the ability to support switchless Outbound Long Distance (LD) services, as well as dedicated Outbound LD services from Carrier facilities or End User equipment. The service options are made easy with automated support tools available through a customer web portal. >more


Verizon's high-speed Signaling System 7 (SS7) services provide you with call setup connectivity via a premier, highly survivable, continually monitored digital network. The SS7 Network is fully meshed and engineered to operate at high performance levels with built-in resilience in the unlikely event of an outage situation. Verizon offers you the benefits of SS7 without the expense of establishing or extending independent SS7 networks. >more

OC 192 Available for Point-to-Point SONET