Voice Services

Voice solutions are a core set of services to Verizon Partner Solutions. These solutions allow carriers to complete their end user calls that originate or terminate within the Verizon territory. We offer an entire set of solutions from TDM to IP technologies.


ISDN PRI converts a copper wire pair phone line from a single circuit into two digital connections. Your customers will appreciate the ability to transmit audio, images, video and data intensive applications fast. What's more, your customers can put multiple devices on the ISDN PRI service and use them all at the same time. >more

SS7 Interconnection and Transport

The SS7 network has become a critical foundation for all service providers. It is rapidly expanding to support new and existing services and network capabilities including Local Number Portability, various Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN)/IN based services and network unbundling. SS7 network technology is evolving into many new areas such as high speed signaling links and broadband network interworking. In this rapidly changing environment, it is critical that carriers interconnect their SS7 networks in such a way to maintain network reliability, service integrity and network security. >more

Switched Access Service

Verizon's Switched Access services provide two-point communications paths between the long distance carrier's Customer Designated Location (CDL) and the points of end user terminations within Verizon's Access Area. Each communications path is established through the use of Switched Transport, End Office Services and related Switched Access offerings. Switched Access can be provided via line side or trunk side connections to the service provider's facilities. >more

OC 192 Available for Point-to-Point SONET