Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC)

Verizon Partner Solutions has a broad portfolio of local and long distance solutions that will help you fill the gaps in your network reach. And when we say "reach"... we've got it. Our network covers two-thirds of the top 100 markets in the U.S. Our award-winning (as ranked by Atlantic ACM in their 2004-2008 Carrier Report Card), high quality network is right where you want to be.

Optical Wave Service

As demand in network capacity continues to increase to support high bandwidth services, Verizon's Optical Wavelength Service (OWS) may be the preferred solution for interconnectivity. Optical Wavelength Service provides for a fully managed, point-to-point circuit over a dedicated wavelength that runs across Verizon's ROADM-based shared network infrastructure. >more

Private IP

Verizon Partner Solutions's Private IP service (PIP) is a smart business move for customers who require secure connectivity solutions that easily connect to multiple locations. Private IP service operates as a network-based virtual private network (VPN) that: allows you and/or your customers to communicate securely, and; provides the foundation for automating business processes such as e-commerce and shared extranets/intranets. >more

Integrated Optical Service

Revolutionize the way you serve customers. Verizon's Integrated Optical Service delivers multiple technologies over one compact delivery architecture via resilient optical services. Verizon's Integrated Optical Service is one of the most powerful network convergence and consolidation technologies available today. You efficiently control operational costs and simplify network management while offering the traditional applications and next-generation interfaces that delight customers. >more

Verizon Optical Networking

Gain a competitive edge with our Verizon Optical Networking service. Verizon Optical Networking offers point-to-point, dedicated Ethernet private line service for intraLATA access applications. The Verizon Optical Networking platform allows the seamless convergence of voice and data so your customers receive a single LAN/WAN network solution while purchasing only the bandwidth they need. >more

Transparent LAN Service (TLS)

Transparent LAN Service (TLS, aka Switched Ethernet Services) gives you the opportunity to offer your customers lower costs for data communications at native Ethernet speeds between sites within many Verizon metropolitan service areas. TLS is available in two service types: Ethernet Multipoint Service (EMS) and Ethernet Relay Service (ERS) with multiple Class of Service options. >more

Dedicated SONET Ring (DSR) Service

Deliver premium SONET service to your customers. Verizon's Dedicated SONET Ring (DSR) is a private, dedicated fiber-based facilities network that we customize to meet the specific needs of long distance, wireless, Internet and local service providers. >more

Customer Service Management (CSM) and Direct TL1 Monitoring (DTM)

Performance savvy service providers will log-onto Verizon's Customer Service Management (CSM) tool for its network viewing, reporting and traffic rerouting capabilities for IntelliLight Dedicated SONET Rings (IDSRs). (Currently available on newly installed uni-directional IDSR rings.) Verizon's CSM software affords real help and control for your customers' IDSR networks by providing real-time detail to maximize operational characteristics for efficiency. >more

IntelliLight Optical Transport Service (IOTS)

Service Providers, when your customers depend on powerful data capabilities, be ready with additional capacity they need. Verizon's IntelliLight Optical Transport Service (IOTS) is a private fiber-based facilities network that we design in accordance with your requirements and dedicate for your use in serving customers. >more

IntelliLight Entrance Facility (IEF)

Protect entrance facility traffic with survivability. Verizon's IntelliLight Entrance Facility (IEF) service gives long distance providers affordable entrance transport that preserves connecting DS1, DS3, STS1, OC-3/OC-3c and OC-12/OC-12c services. IEF saves money over a dedicated SONET ring entrance facility that costs much more. >more

Optical Hubbing Service

Verizon Optical Hubbing Service (OHS) reduces the space requirements and power costs involved in providing point-to-hub optical connection between your or your customer's location and a Verizon Optical Hub. It serves as an extended entrance facility across a Wave Division Multiple (WDM) based infrastructure for IntelliLight Broadband Transport (IBT), Multiplexed IntelliLight Broadband Transport services, and Custom Connect. The service also supports some Verizon Optical Networking connections. >more

Custom Connect

Expand your capabilities -- and your customers'. Custom Connect enables long distance providers to transport voice, video and data services faster, farther and more reliably than other technologies. Plus, Custom Connect's standard interfaces net you speed-to-market with new service offerings that can increase revenue. >more

IntelliLight Broadband Transport (IBT)

Long Distance providers can connect customers with high bandwidth over a shared infrastructure as a powerful source of revenue. Verizon's IntelliLight Broadband Transport (IBT) service provides a secure SONET-based interface for reliable, point-to-point fiber optic connection. >more

IntelliLight Shared Single Path (ISSP)

Service termination for STS1 transport is both efficient and secure using Verizon's IntelliLight Shared Single Path (ISSP) optical networking service. Long distance providers win customer confidence by providing a dependable communications path between the customer premises and the serving wire center. >more

IntelliLight Shared Dual Path (ISDP)

There is an alternative to expensive custom SONET rings for long distance providers. Verizon's IntelliLight Shared Dual Path (ISDP) service protects customer traffic with dual-path transport over multiple SONET rings. You share the SONET rings rather than own them to save capital dollars and reduce the costs of staffing and maintaining a private network. >more

Metro Private Line SONET Service

Impress your business customers having applications requiring lots of bandwidth with your capabilities for high-speed connectivity. Verizons Metro Private Line SONET service fills the order for you at speeds from OC-3 to OC-192. Even your subscribers with the most demanding applications will applaud your service. >more

Metro Wavelength Service

Verizon’s Metro Wavelength services allow you to offer your customers a high-speed, private network that provides dedicated transport options. Metro Wavelength gives your subscribers optical network connectivity services in single or multiple wavelengths for point-to-point or multipoint configurations. This arrangement makes it easy for you to meet your business customers’ needs for an affordable high-bandwidth IntraLATA transport avenue.


DS1 Special Access Service

Link to high-speed, high capacity capabilities via a Verizon dedicated DS1 Special Access line. One of our lines gives long distance service providers the capacity of 24 voice-grade lines as an economical means for generating revenue. >more

DS3 Special Access Service

Win customers by offering affordable bandwidth for the applications they require. Verizon's DS3 Special Access Service upgrades or consolidates your network for provisioning seamless voice, video and data applications that are not only reliable, but also cost-effective for you and your customers. DS3 is your direct line to increased revenue and customer satisfaction. >more

Digital Data Services

Increase your earnings and eliminate weak signals with Verizon''s Digital Data Services. Service providers improve communications and send them faster over our dedicated lines. >more

Voice Grade Special Access Service

Long distance providers stand out loud and clear among competitors with Verizon's Voice Grade Special Access Services backing communications. Our services provide fast, quality analog voice and low-speed data transmission. >more

DS0 Special Access Service

Give customers circuit quality connections that typically cannot be duplicated with unconditioned analog circuits. DS0 Special Access includes 2- and 4-wire voice bands and program audio circuit paths at 200 to 3500, 100 to 5000, 50 to 8000 and 50 to 15000 Hz ranges. Verizon ensures reliability and security with network monitoring and support around-the-clock. >more

SS7 Interconnection and Transport

The SS7 network has become a critical foundation for all service providers. It is rapidly expanding to support new and existing services and network capabilities including Local Number Portability, various Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN)/IN based services and network unbundling. SS7 network technology is evolving into many new areas such as high speed signaling links and broadband network interworking. In this rapidly changing environment, it is critical that carriers interconnect their SS7 networks in such a way to maintain network reliability, service integrity and network security. >more

Switched Access Service

Verizon's Switched Access services provide two-point communications paths between the long distance carrier's Customer Designated Location (CDL) and the points of end user terminations within Verizon's Access Area. Each communications path is established through the use of Switched Transport, End Office Services and related Switched Access offerings. Switched Access can be provided via line side or trunk side connections to the service provider's facilities.. >more

800 Database Access Service

Connecting customers' toll-free calls is a seamless maneuver with Verizon's 800 Database Access Service. Service providers build customer confidence and a profitable revenue stream by delivering a service that's in demand. >more

Line Information Data Base (LIDB) Service

Verizon's LIDB services equip CLECs to capitalize on alternate billing and other services that give customers more choices and added convenience. >more

Directory Assistance Listing Service

How do you generate a new revenue stream and provide more value to your customers? Easy. Just add Verizon's Directory Assistance Listing Service to your portfolio. >more

LiveSource National Directory Assistance

Build customer satisfaction and a profitable revenue stream with National Directory Assistance from Verizon. When your customers need a number, Verizon is there to provide it -- quickly, accurately and courteously. >more

LiveSource Operator Assistance

Be all that your customers expect from a Local Service Provider. Verizon's Operator Assistance service puts another feather in your cap. >more

Publisher Lists

Customers expect to receive complete and accurate telephone directories for reference. Verizon helps directory publishers meet that expectation through our Publisher Lists products and services. >more

Wholesale Advantage DSL

Wholesale Advantage DSL (WA DSL) lets you offer customers one of the most sought after high-speed Internet connections and ISP services available in the market today - Verizon Online DSL - to your customers at competitive rates. >more

Wholesale Advantage Voice Mail Service

Wholesale Advantage Voice Mail affords your customers competitively priced call answering solutions - at work or at home. Entice new subscribers with voice mail convenience for staying in touch while they are on the go. >more

Resale Services

Verizon resells local telecommunications services in compliance with the Telecom Act, section 251(c) (4)(A) and the definition of "telecommunication services" in section 251 of the Act. In addition, Verizon resells local telecommunication services in compliance with its 251/252 resale agreements and applicable resale tariffs. >more

Unbundled Shared IOF Transport

Verizon's Unbundled Shared Interoffice Facility (IOF) Transport provides routing for CLECs by using multiple interoffice transmission paths over non-dedicated facilities. Your calls are routed the same way that Verizon's calls travel from the origination point to the terminating central office. Requests for specific routing or a particular type of transport cannot be honored using this common transport service. >more

OC 192 Available for Point-to-Point SONET
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