CIC Translations

Why Verizon?

CIC Translations opens a nationwide network allowing customers to build name recognition with the Local Exchange Carriers and perform targeted marketing.

Product Manager - Claudia Tudisco

Carrier identification Code (CIC) Translation is the process of routing all calls associated with a carrier’s CIC to the Verizon ‘555’ network. Essentially, a customer’s CIC is set up to “ride” the Verizon 555 network. Customer’s can make this seamless change to their end users by keeping their ANI’s PIC intact and simply choosing to translate to the Verizon network which offers worldwide termination.

Customers must secure their own CIC with the North American Number Planning Administrator (NANPA) and the Local Exchange Carrier in their area. Upon securing their CIC, the customer chooses the tandems and end offices they want to have translated to the Verizon 555 network. A Service Delivery coordinator will project coordinate the request and work with Verizon Network Engineering who in-turn will work with the LECs. Once the translations is completed and the ANIs are PIC’d to the customer CIC, the traffic is automatically routed the Verizon network so the end user and the LEC recognize the wholesale customer as the provider of service.


  • Allows customer to build name recognition with the LEC
  • Provides customer the ability to do target marketing campaigns
  • Opens nationwide network for customer
  • Verizon provides CIC translation provisioning coordination

Applicable with Switchless 1+ traffic only.

  • The end user is PIC’d to the customer’s CIC, which is routed to the Verizon ‘555’ network.
  • When provided by the LEC and implemented by Verizon, Carrier Identification Parameter (CIP) is used to ensure the CIC is delivered in the call record.
  • When provided by the LEC and implemented by Verizon, Customer Selection Parameter (CSP) is used to identify how the caller made the call (i.e. dialed 10-digit number, dial-around, etc.).
  • Verizon provides CIC translation provisioning coordination.

  • Switchless 1+ traffic originated anywhere in the 48 contiguous U.S. and Hawaii and terminated worldwide.
  • Nationwide translations or targeted geographic region translations is supported.

CIC Translations affords customers the ability to re-direct their CIC with a one time charge. Customers will be charged LEC charges based on the tandems and end offices impacted, as well as per ASR administrative fees which vary by area. Please contact Verizon for more information about these charges.

To learn more about this service, please contact us or call your account manager today.