Verizon Cloud Services

Why Verizon?

Verizon Partner Solutions offers Verizon Cloud to enable you, our carrier customers, to customize your own powerful IT clouds for access to bandwidth, servers, storage and firewalls. Our infrastructure platform provides you dynamic, real-time control over what, when and how you deploy the computing service resources. Verizon Cloud services allow Verizon Partner Solutions customers to decide how to configure an IT infrastructure that delivers the best ratio of IT costs to business performance.

Verizon Cloud services are designed to meet the global business computing and IT solutions needs of our customers. Our cloud infrastructure platforms can be utilized for hosting a myriad of business applications. New strategic portfolio revenue streams can also be made available to our customers via our flexible Verizon Cloud sales models.

Verizon Cloud is a managed computing platform that gives you the power to provision computing resources for mission critical applications in minutes. Verizon Cloud lets customers control processing, storage and memory resources, and allows you to deploy server capacity on demand. Verizon Cloud services are available in both Sell To and Resale models. In addition, you can "white label" a variation of the Verizon Cloud offering with your own corporate brand to help drive new revenue streams with your Enterprise or SMB customers.

Your business needs to move quickly, and so does your cloud infrastructure. Verizon Cloud provides the right combination of cloud services to meet your needs and is connected with advanced networking solutions, deployed by experienced technology experts, and protected by one of the industry’s leading managed security providers.

  • Allowing Customers to Demand More Than Cloud
  •    Verizon Cloud lets customers be more efficient, agile, and competitive with solutions tailored to fit their workload needs and flexible enough to adapt as their business needs change.

  • Sales Models that Meet Business Needs
  •    Verizon Cloud is available in both Sell-To and Resale business models.

  • Network-Powered
  •    Verizon Cloud is built in our cloud enabled, top-tier data centers and supported by Verizon's leading network.

  • Secured and Connected
  •    Verizon Cloud is the only cloud that provides its customers these core strengths in a single cloud solution, with Verizon's trusted security built directly into the platform.

Power, Simplicity & Control

By walking through the intuitive Verizon Cloud console, your virtual machine goes from a template to a fully available computing resource. Prepare servers in advance - while powered off your on-demand resource remains unaffected, giving you immediate availability when the need arises. No locked-in processor/memory/storage configurations; allocate these to each server as needed, independently of one another. Simply shut down the server and allocate additional processors, memory, or storage.

Drive new strategic revenues for your company by reselling our platform. You have an option to resell the platform with either Verizon branding or "White Label" the solution with your own corporate brand.

Large Number of Supported Operating Systems

The Verizon Cloud supports more than 450 operating system configurations including Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, FreeBSD, Solaris, SUSE Linux and Ubuntu. If you have pre-existing ISOs or custom OS needs you have the capability to upload and install on blank virtual machines.

Integrated Network and Firewall Management

The Verizon Cloud console lets you manage connecting your virtual machines to the Internet. The firewall management feature gives you the ability to modify and create firewall rule sets as needed for your environment. You can also send firewall logs to a syslog server configured within your cloud environment, or externally if required.

Integrated Load Balancing

Load Balanced services are achieved simply by adding additional nodes to public IPs on the Verizon Cloud. From the Web-based interface, customers can perform load balancing, network address translation (NAT), and port address translation (PAT), as well as combinations of those services.

Private Network Integration

The Verizon Cloud can be seamlessly integrated with your own existing private network. Verizon handles the configuration, address management, and security concerns associated with interconnecting this hybrid environment. All network connections are made via secure channels (Utility LAN-LAN, Dedicated LAN-LAN, or Point-to-Point Circuit connections) that safely link only subscribed cloud resources to the enterprise network. Verizon also offer our Secure Cloud Interconnect service (shared Private IP) as another connectivity option to to/from the Verizon Cloud and other competitive Cloud platforms.

Multiple Environments in World-Class, Secure Facilities

Verizon Cloud environments are located in Verizon’s top-tier datacenters, allowing you to create disaster recovery solutions and system redundancy across geographically diverse facilities. The Verizon Cloud Web-based Console lets you manage multiple environments from a single interface.

Security and Compliance

The Verizon Cloud provides a highly secure foundation for your business applications, with an architecture that has passed SSAE 16 SOC 1 and SOC 2, PCI-DSS, and ISO 270001:2005 certifications. The platform also meets Safe Harbor and HIPPA-enablement requirements. For customers requiring more comprehensive security services on the cloud, Verizon has a team of information security experts that can work with you to determine the security posture that is appropriate for your cloud environment.

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