Data Center Colocation

Why Verizon?

As part of an overall IT Solutions portfolio, Verizon Partner Solutions offers Colocation as an excellent option for any enterprise that needs more data center capabilities or space while still minimizing IT costs. Verizon offers the highest levels of availability in the industry with data centers globally and the best high-capacity connectivity options possible. This includes being on Verizon’s global IP backbone and/or having direct access to other major carriers. Delivered with enterprise-class support, our colocation is the right choice for companies whose top priority is to have full confidence in system uptime & availability and network performance.

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"Move content faster and closer to end-users by hosting your applications and network in Verizon's global data centers."

  • Verizon’s unique IT Infrastructure portfolio gives clients the option to incorporate and connect to a full range of IT services. This includes important tools like Cloud solutions, Managed Hosting, Networking, CDN services, Managed Security Services, Disaster Recovery solutions and Security & IT Professional Services. Given the complex reality of enterprises, Verizon provides the flexibility to quickly deploy the best infrastructure designs for your business.
  • Aging facilities and increasing demands from new hardware are driving the move to new colocation solutions in data centers built to handle today’s hardware. Verizon’s data centers were built to Tier III standards and continue to evolve as server and storage demands change over time. Free up your IT personnel by putting our state-of-the-art data centers to work for your business. Our colocation services give you dedicated space in secure facilities with reliable performance and global connectivity. And with our on-site service and remote monitoring tools, managing complex systems becomes easy. Expand at a moment’s notice with colocation hosting that features:
    • Data centers engineered for performance, uptime and efficiency.
    • Flexible space and more capacity when you need it.
    • Facilities across the globe to help your business reach new markets.
    • Diverse networks with options for carrier connectivity.
    • Built-in redundancy, backup and disaster recovery services.

Depending on your requirements, open racks, cabinets, or customized caged spaces are available across a global footprint of hardened and secure facilities designed to withstand major environmental incidents.


In addition to security and survivability, our facilities offer choices and redundancies in communication infrastructure matched by few other enterprise-class colocation providers anywhere in the world. Many Verizon data centers are connected to multiple domestic fiber backbones, undersea cables, and providing access globally. Colocation customers have the ability to contract services directly with carriers in our facilities for the connectivity and redundancy they require.


Our physical security standards for data center facilities feature a centrally located Command Center manned by security personnel 24x7. Security personnel monitor all security cameras, guard building entrance and exit access points, and control keycard access to elevators, floors, and roof areas. In addition, environmental sensors notify tenants and mobilize rescue in case of emergency.

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