Dedicated Internet Access Service

Why Verizon?

The Internet has transformed the way businesses access data and share information. By leveraging the internet, business communications are advancing at a furious pace. As new communications opportunities arise as a result of this ever-evolving virtual world, speed, connectivity and reliability are critical. Whether you or your customer needs to improve application performance and availability, maintain business continuity, or enhance the way people and clients share information, Verizon’s Internet services offer fast, reliable, and secure solutions that keep customers on the leading edge of the Internet curve. Verizon Partner Solutions helps you deliver Internet solutions leveraging Verizon’s global IP network serving USA, Latin America, EMEA and APAC and using wide ranging service options to deliver what you and your customer are requesting.

" Verizon’s Dedicated Internet solutions combine the reach of our global network with the scalability of our Internet service options to provide a platform for businesses and applications to grow. "

Bob Leitner, Wholesale Product Manager

Travis Behrens, Wholesale Product Manager

Dedicated Internet Access Service provides high-performance, high-bandwidth dedicated Internet access via TDM Private Line or Ethernet circuits. Benefits include extensive bandwidth, configuration and billing options designed to suit specific business needs. Leveraging Verizon’s global IP network and a variety of service options, the Service gives Customers a solid platform from which to deliver Internet solutions. Dedicated Internet Access Service includes SLAs, bandwidth ranging from DS1 – 10Gbps, and Tiered and Burstable Select options., The Service offers diverse, flexible and scalable solutions giving you and your customers the ability to upgrade services as necessary in order to meet evolving requirements.

Internet Dedicated Ethernet Access

Leveraging Verizon's Ethernet network to deliver Ethernet access from the customer's location to our global Internet network, this service provides a flexible, scalable connection (1Mbps to 10Gbps) eliminating the capacity bottleneck with a traditional local loop.

Internet Dedicated TDM Access

Utilizing TDM and Special Access to deliver connectivity between the customer’s location to our global internet network, this service offers bandwidth options ranging from DS1 to OC48.

Port Only

For customers colocated within the same building as a Verizon IP hub, this service offers flexible, high-performance Internet access at speeds of 100Mbps FastE, 1,000Mbps (GigE) and 10,000Mbps (10Gbps).

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