LAN Extension Service (LES)

Why Verizon?

Verizon puts you in control with LAN Extension Service (an Ethernet service). LES includes Ethernet terminations at your end-user locations and at your Point of Presence (POP) or Expanded Interconnection Service (EIS) collocation. You perform the switching, giving you total control over the platform, including the converter at your customer's premises.

" Verizon's fiber network is one of the most robust, survivable networks in the market today."

Product Manager - Brendan Gunn

Need a cost-effective solution for providing customers competitively priced Ethernet-based services?

Look no further than Verizon. Our LAN Extension Service empowers you with the fiber needed to feed Ethernet capabilities -- wherever fiber facilities are available.

LAN Extension Service includes Ethernet terminations at customer locations and your POP or Expanded Interconnection Service (EIS) collocation. Verizon gives you the means. You control your own switching platform to meet customers' needs.

Verizon provisions your service over dedicated 2-pair fiber between customer desired locations. We install a fiber converter interface at customer locations for controlling the data rate at 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps. You control the switching and your customers' converters.

LES has distance limitations, based on db loss, directly associated with distance and outside loop characteristics. Coordination with your Account Team and fiber length qualification by our Engineering Group will ensure quality implementation and service.

In the absence of a fiber facility, a Special Construction ICB may be required for service provisioning.


  • Verizon's dependable fiber network prevents long build-out times and saves you capital dollars.
  • Making Ethernet services available to customers rounds out your portfolio and generates new revenue at the same time.
  • Verizon's expert installation, support and high quality of service standards promote customer satisfaction and loyalty to your company.


  • Use LAN Extension Service to provide Ethernet-based services to customers.
  • Leverage the service to get a step ahead of your competitors.

Verizon's LAN Extension Service (LES) gives you the ability to quickly and economically offer Ethernet-based broadband services to your customers. With this fiber-based service, you can provide bandwidth at increments of 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1Gbps without incurring major capital costs and with minimal ongoing operating expenses.

Because you perform the Ethernet switching, you maintain control over the platform. You even control the converters that we install at your customers' locations.

Experienced Verizon installation and support personnel plus high Verizon Quality of Service (QoS) standards enhance customer satisfaction


  • Minimizes the investment required to provide high-speed, Ethernet-based services to your customers.
  • Greatly reduces the risks of offering Ethernet access to your customers because Verizon provides the fiber network.
  • Dramatically compresses your time to market, a key advantage in meeting the rapidly growing demand for Ethernet-based services

Note: The terms and conditions of certain of the services described above are set forth in full detail on a private carriage basis (Private Carriage Services). For all Private Carriage Services, the above summary is provided for your information and reference only. However, the actual terms, conditions, restrictions, limitations and the like for Private Carriage Services will be those set forth in the agreement between the customer and Verizon for such Private Carriage Service and shall govern over any inconsistent provisions set forth herein. All services are not available in all areas, and are subject to availability of facilities and equipment.

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