Private IP (PIP)

Why Verizon?

Private IP (Verizon's Layer 3 MPLS virtual private network) enables the convergence of voice, data and video applications over an integrated network infrastructure, giving you highly scalable connectivity that can grow with your business.Verizon offers a single-provider solution to provision your services on our access & network facilities globally (Private IP Interconnect, Secure Cloud Interconnect, and Managed Solutions)

"Verizon stays in front of technology, so that you can concentrate on your business needs."

Susan Davey, Wholesale Product Manager

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Safe any-to-any connectivity. Protect, connect, communicate and automate complex business applications using network-based VPN architecture.

Verizon Partner Solutions's Private IP service (PIP) is a smart business move for customers who require secure connectivity solutions that easily connect to multiple locations. Private IP service operates as an MPLS-based virtual private network (VPN) that :

  • Allows you and/or your customers to communicate securely, and
  • Provides the foundation for automating business processes such as e-commerce and shared extranets/intranets.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology enables PIP to separate customer traffic through a VPN. You and your customers benefit from the security and quality of service (QoS) of Layer 2 switching that offers superb scalability and any-to-any IP connectivity via Layer 3 IP routing.

Verizon's PIP Service lets you control your business applications more efficiently. Better still, PIP adds to your company's portfolio of customer service offerings to create an additional revenue stream. Customers need the capabilities that PIP affords them, so why not capitalize on the marketplace and customer demand to increase profits?

If you and your customers require basic service only, subscribe to Verizon PIP's standard service. Or, choose PIP's Enhanced Traffic Management (ETM) service that lets customers prioritize traffic and assign classes of service.

Verizon Partner Solutions customers can serve a global marketplace using PIP arrangements in more than 120 countries where available. That means that you and your customers can grow and expand whenever you are ready ... thus gaining a significant competitive advantage.

PIP access allows a wide range of applications that help you more efficiently and cost-effectively run your company and increase opportunities to expand customer service offerings for generating additional revenue. And, your customers need and want the capabilities that PIP provides. For example, use PIP to provide yourself and your customers with the ability to support Layer 3 (IP) applications in a closed environment.


  • Private IP Interconnect:
    • Private IP Interconnect allows you to create your own footprint from Verizon's expansive global network. Private IP Interconnects gives you the ability to resell Private IP purchased from Verizon in over 100 countries without network build-out or off-net extensions. Respond to your customers' need for a global VPN by providing them with Private IP at new sites quickly and cost-effectively. Learn More
  • Secure Cloud Interconnect:
    • SCI works in tandem with our Private IP Network. A virtual private network, Private IP uses secure, diverse, dynamically scaling, fully redundant connections up to 10GigE to link your customers' business applications with their infrastructure, platform and business process cloud providers. Learn More
  • Managed Services:
    • Verizon's Managed WAN Service allows you to focus on your core business, while controlling investment risk and providing support for challenges such as upgrades, changes, globalization and other complex network issues. Managed WAN provides operations-focused monitoring, management, and reporting service deliverables for a customer’s wide area network (WAN). Learn More
  • Secure Gateway Services:
    • Secure Gateway works as a companion to our Private IP / WAN Networking story for a cost efficient solution to support your customers backup needs or as a failover solution. In addition, Secure Gateway can extend the reach of your end-users' Corporate WAN into Remote or Smaller Branch locations. Secure Gateway is the perfect solution for Customers looking to gain Dedicated (MPLS) WAN access in a cost effective way for those smaller branch sites that already have Internet connectivity.Learn More


  • PIP combines inherent service benefits of Layer 2 and 3 protocols, the traditional privacy and QoS of ATM and Frame Relay, extreme flexibility and IP scalability - without the higher costs of other architectures - in a single solution.
  • Verizon Partner Solutions comes with 24-hour monitoring by our highly trained and experienced technical staff, exceptional customer service, and leading service level agreements.For intranets and extranets, Private IP captures the enhanced networking efficiencies associated with an IP-based Wide Area Network (WAN). PIP integrates and synchronizes all of the elements needed to support e-business applications within one company or among many companies.
  • PIP's MPLS-based technology is innovative and provides varying QoS and flexible IP routing that provides the network performance crucial to outstanding business success.

Capitalize on Verizon's Exceptional Architecture to Win and Keep Customers

    Get a high quality, high-tech PIP service to control costs, increase revenue, build customer loyalty, and compete in the global marketplace from one of the leading technology providers.

    Verizon has global reach to areas within the U.S. and more than 120 countries and territories.


    • Creates a secure, IP-based wide area network (WAN)
    • Gives mission-critical applications priority through Verizon's multiple classes of service
    • Converges multiple applications
    • Eliminates connection-oriented overlay for tunnel encryption
    • Relies on network intelligence -- not on premises-based equipment
    • Enables you to connect sites with any-to-any configurations for easy network configuration and management
    • Easily scales as your business grows

    PIP capitalizes on Verizon's IP and MPLS expertise:

    • Adopted MPLS on a large scale in 1998 as a traffic engineering technology
    • Deployed MPLS-based VPNs in 1999

    TDM Port Speeds Range from DS0 to OC12

    Ethernet Port Speeds Range from 1Mbps to 10Gbps

    Access Methods:

    • Time Division Multiplex (TDM), various speeds (Global)
    • Ethernet, various speeds (Global)
    • Cross-Border Long Loop (Global)
    • MLPPP NxT1/NxE1(Global)
    • MLFR NxT1 (Contiguous U.S.)
    • Sub-Rate DS3/E3 (Global)
    • Sub-Rate OCx/STMx (Global)

    Alternative Access Methods:

    • Private IP Wireless Access (50 United States,)
    • Future Access Methods:
      • 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps Optical Waves
      • MLFR NxE1 (Global)
    • Encapsulation Supported

      • PPP, HDLC, POS, Frame Relay, ATM

      Routing Protocols Supported

      • Static, BGP, and RIPv2
      • OSPF and BFD (on a case-by-case basis)