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Overview Of Systems For Access Services
Self-service applications that enable interexchange carriers to put in ASRs, enter troubles, manage provisioning and place orders for special & switched services.

Access Ordering
Application for Access Ordering, Pre-Ordering and Post-Ordering. Provides for: Service Address Verification, CFA and SONET Ring Validation, View Confirmation Notices and Design Layout Records, Create an ASR profile and templates.

Billing Web
Application to view Carrier Access Billing System (CABS) bills for all Verizon states and Broadband access formatted bills. Provides the ability to review bills and Customer Service Records (CSRs) on-line.

Billing Claim
Verizon's Wholesale Claim and Inquiry Tracking (WCIT) enables Wholesale customers to submit billing claims with minimal effort via an online form; no faxes, phone calls, or emails. Select this application to submit a billing claim.

Customer Service Management (CSM)
Customer Service Management (CSM) is a web-based set of tools designed to enhance Verizon's services. CSM features and functionalities enable our customers to have access to information about the operational status of the services that they purchase from Verizon. The CSM network is fully redundant and meets Verizon's security standards. All data transmitted across the network is encrypted to ensure that the data is secure.

FUSF Exemption Certification (FUSF)
This application enables eligible Verizon Local Exchange Resellers, Interstate Switched Access and Interstate Special Access customers to exempt themselves from Verizon's FUSF surcharge.

Partner Solutions Pricing (GWP)
Application for Pricing Partner Solutions Products. The only products currently supported are Ethernet Private Line (EPL), Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL), Ethernet Access, and Dedicated Internet Access in the domestic US market. Additional products will be gradually added in the future.

LIT/GPON Building Finder (LIT/GPON)

The LIT/GPON building finder allows a customer to search for either a building that is LIT or a building that is Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) capable. The LIT building finder section allows customers to identify locations to which Verizon ILEC1 and Verizon fMCI2 (Within and Outside the United States of America) have deployed fiber which may be capable of supporting certain services. The GPON building finder section allows customers to identify locations to which Verizon has deployed TLS3 services over the Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) or FiOS Network. Verizon offers this tool as a convenience to assist its customers and does not guarantee that all necessary facilities or specific products are available at specific locations. Special construction may be necessary if all necessary facilities do not exist to serve a particular location, and extended intervals could apply as required.

Network Data Mover (NDM) / Connect Direct
NDM is an application-to-application based system, which allow ASR orders to be transmitted via batch files between Verizon and its bonding partners.

Trouble Administration XML Interface (TAXI)
Trouble Administration XML Interface (TAXI) allows trouble report transactions to be exchanged between Verizon and its bonding partners in real time.

UOM (Unified Ordering Model - XML Interface)
UOM is Verizon's web services solution for real-time Access Service Requests (ASRs) processing.

Verizon Trouble Administration Gateway (VTAG)
Application for reporting and tracking troubles on Access service circuits. Create, modify, and request to cancel trouble requests. Check status, retrieve history, and view responses on your VTAG reported troubles. Available for Verizon Special and Switched Access circuits only.

Xpress Electronic Access (XEA)
This is an application which enables InterLATA PIC and IntraLATA LPIC changes, Billing Name and Address (BNA) requests, Data Gathering requests, and PIC/LPIC Database Verification requests.

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