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CLEC Performance Measures
Verizon offers users an opportunity to sign up for authorized access to view or download Monthly Wholesale Performance Measurement reports on-line. You must update your Local Services Profile data via the Customer Profile Self-Service Tool (CPSST), have established connectivity to Global Wholesale Portal, and access to the LSI application.

To access and download your reports, you must send an email to WQAT@verizon.com
  • Please specify states, and the appropriate ACNA/AECN/RSIDs in those states, for which you require reports.
  • Also, please indicate specific reports you require, either Carrier to Carrier and/or Performance Assurance Plan.

On-Line Library

From General Procedures to other useful links, we offer the necessary documentation to help you on your way.

System Support

Verizon provides you with the necessary contact information for system support issues and Performance Reports questions regarding metrics or reports access.

Performance Measures Reports

Sign in Here for Performance Measures Reports.

Note: A Wholesale Portal ID/ Password is required to access the Performance Measures Reports. See information under ‘CLEC Performance Measures’ heading on this page.

Verizon Performance Measures Documentation