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OSS Interface Change Management
Business Rules
Systems & Systems Support for Local Services
Systems, Web-based applications and Reports
Self-service applications that enable CLEC customers to place orders, enter troubles, track performance measures and manage provisioning.

Customer Profile Self Service Tool (CPSST)
This application provides CLECs the capability of submitting Local Services Profile data to Verizon through self-service in order to establish ordering capabilities and billing services.

Customer Wholesale Portal (CWP) Reports
The Customer Wholesale Portal (CWP) Reports provides the Local Service Provider (LSP) access to a variety of reports to facilitate Pre Order and Order processing.

This application enables eligible Verizon Local Exchange Resellers, Interstate Switched Access and Interstate Special Access customers to exempt themselves from Verizon's FUSF surcharge.

Local Service Interface (LSI)
Application for CLECs/Resellers to send and receive Pre-Order, Order, Order Status and Trouble Administration transactions.

Trouble Administration XML Interface (TAXI)
TAXI is an application to application interface which allows real time electronic commerce for trouble administration transactions between Verizon and it's customers.

Wholesale Internet Service Engine (WISE) Pre-Ordering, Ordering, CSI, Loop Qualification
Comprehensive range of products and services for Local service resellers: billing inquiry, Pre-Order validation, repair status, line test initiation, loop qualification.

Wholesale Internet Service Engine (WISE) Performance Measures
Application for authorized users to view or download monthly Performance Measurement reports.

Wholesale Provisioning Tracking System (WPTS)
Administrative tool for managing and tracking Hot Cut conversions in the RCCC and CLEC operation centers.

Toll Blocking Options
This application displays the available toll blocking options for an area code and dialing prefix, and provides that only valid combinations of options are selectable.

SCORE—Service Codes Online Reports
This application displays a complete list of product/service ordering codes for a Verizon location, based upon the state tariff and facilities capabilities for that area. Descriptions and state tariff references are included for each code. Results can be filtered by product group and contract type.

Provider Notification

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Systems Support
Support services that enable CLECs to test applications, check system availability and manage changes.

OSS Interface Change Management
Change Management current meeting materials, meeting archives, system release information and related documents.

CTE Testing East
Verizon East CLEC Testing Environment (CTE) for testing of application-to-application interfaces.

CTE Testing West
Verizon West CLEC Testing Environment (CTE) for testing of application-to-application interfaces.

Verizon PSCC is the point of contact for CLECs concerning systems availability, exceptions, billing, system errors and trouble reporting.

Ticket Entry Tool
A customer may enter a trouble ticket on-line through the LSI/WISE CLEC "Self Service" Ticket Entry Tool. The Ticket Entry Tool is in LSI under Tools on the main menu screen, and in WISE as an option on the home page. All customers with access to LSI/WISE have access to the CLEC Self Service Tool. This tool is designed to allow customers to report troubles and create trouble tickets without calling the PSCC.

During the hours of 7AM to 8PM, Monday through Friday, a ticket submitted through the CLEC Self Service tool will reach a PSCC agent. Tickets submitted outside of those hours will be processed on the next business day.

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