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Verizon Codes

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Disposition Codes
Disposition Codes for Verizon West (CA, NC, FL, TX)
Code Description Trouble Found Code
01xx Local Number Portability 14- Station
0101Software programming Service Management System Failure - L 14- Station
0102Software programming NEM Failure-SPACE/Netpilot 14- Station
0103Sortware programming Control Point Failure ISCP 14- Station
0104Sorftware programming Signal Transfer Point Fail-STP T 14- Station
0105Not Assigned 14- Station
0106NOTD (DBM) Error-LNP trigger on NPA/NXX missing / Provisioned incorrectly 14- Station
0107NOTD (DBM) Error-LRN trigger on NPA/NXX missing / Provisioned incorrectly 14- Station
0108LSMS failure in support equipment hardware located in NSSC 14- Station
0139TOK Scrubber CLSD w/Customer 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
04xxVZ Plant / Network Terminating Facilities 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0402Protection (Grounding/Carbosn) 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0403Network Interface Device (NID/Post) 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0404Special Circuits /Enhanced Servics-SMRTJK LOOPBKXDSLS 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0407Aerial Drop/Network Station Wire 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0408Buried Drop/Network Station Wire 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0409HDSL/HTU-R (End User Location) 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0410Card Option - Network Termination 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0414Network Premises Wire (facs between the min point of penetration and the maximum point of demarcation, as applicable by state). 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0415Rural Radio Field Equipment 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0420Fiber Network Interface Device 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0421Fiber Drop - Aerial 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0422Fiber Drop - Buried 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0501Handset/Cord 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0503Pad TC/Rotary 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0504Hookswitch 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0505Chassis 120 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0507Housing 120 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0508Coin Bad/Slug 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0509Relay Coin 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0510Trigger Coin 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0511Hopper Coin 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0512Acceptor/Rejector 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0513Coin Box Full 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0514Coin Box Defective 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0515Booth Misc. (Lighting, sign , booth enclosure,cards instruction, directory/hardware) 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0520Other Instrument Program 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0521Other Instrument Chassis 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0522Other Instrument Change 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0523Other Instrument Housing 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0524Card Instrument Program 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0525Card Instrument Chassis 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0526Card Instrument Change 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0527Card Instrument Housing 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0528Wire Terminal IW and Ground 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0529Wire-booth Power 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0530Coin/Coinless burglary, including attempts to tamper with the coin return or collection function for monetary gain 24- PublicServicesCoinSet
0580E 9-1-1 PSAP 36- Data
0581E 9-1-1 Private Switch ALI (ALI equipment/terminal) 36- Data
0582E 9-1-1 ANI Equipment/Terminal 36- Data
0583Printers for E 9-1-1 Services 36- Data
060xOutside Plant
0601Change Cable Pairs 44- OutsideWire
0602Splice / Closure 44- OutsideWire
0605Cable Cut/Damaged 44- OutsideWire
0606Cable (under sheath) 44- OutsideWire
0607Cable (Non-pressurized/Lead/AE/PIC) 45- OutsideTerminals
0609Terminal (Ready Access) 45- OutsideTerminals
061xOutside Plant
0610Terminal (Fixed/Building) 45- OutsideTerminals
0611Terminal (Cross-Connect other than missing jumper) 45- OutsideTerminals
0612Aerial Wire (I.E. open wire, C wire, rural wire) 44- OutsideWire
0613Load Coils (POTS) 44- OutsideWire
0616Missing Jumper - Cross Connect (No order activity) 45- Outside Terminals
0617Cable Conditioning for Special Circuit (improper conditioning) 44- OutsideWire
062xCable Air Pressure Only
0620Cable (Pressurized-Lead/stalpeth) 44- OutsideWire
0622Air Dryer 44- OutsideWire
0623Air Pressure CPAMS Database Activity 44- OutsideWire
0624Transducer/Contactor repair/replacement 48- OutsidePlantOther
0625Transducer housing pressure leak 44- OutsideWire
0626Closure/sheath pressure leak 44- OutsideWire
0628Wet cable (pressurized) 44- OutsideWire
0629Wet cable (non-pressurized) 44- OutsideWire
063xCable Air Pressure Only
0630Nitrogen Bottle - Routine Maintenance 48- OutsidePlantOther
0631Nitrogen Bottle- Work Order Activity 48- OutsidePlantOther
0632Nitrogen Bottle Replacement-Cut/Damaged 48- OutsidePlantOther
07xxSpecial Services/Transmission Elements & IOF
0701Span Repeater 36- Data
0703Copper Cable 36- Data
0705Radio 36- Data
0706Restore Service via Span Patch 36- Data
0707Microwave 36- Data
0708Enhanced Products Hardware 36- Data
0709Enhanced Products Software 36- Data
0710Asynchronous Fiber Hardware 36- Data
0711SONET Fiber hardware 36- Data
0712SONET Fiber software/Provisioning 36- Data
0713NGDLC- Hardware, I.e. Acess Node, SLC 2000 36- Data
0714NGDLC- Software/Provisioning 36- Data
0720Reseated Card 36- Data
0721xDSL-Span Repeater (HDSL, ADSL, etc.) 36- Data
0724Fuses 36- Data
0725Load Coils 36- Data
0726Special Feature Options 36- Data
0727Protection 36- Data
0729FLEXGROW-Provision at Hardware 36- Data
0730FLEXGROW-Component Failure 36- Data
0770Special Circuit Alignment 36- Data
0771DACS Hardware Failure (card,slot,etc) 36- Data
0772DACS Mapping Software 36- Data
0773Remote Test Access (SAS/SARTS) 36- Data
0774Logic Error (Frame Relay etc) 36- Data
0775Card Option Error (other CO equipment) 36- Data
0776Other special services equipment (Bad slot) 36- Data
0777Other special services equipment (Bad card) 36- Data
0778xDSL-Central Office (ADSL,HDSL,etc) 36- Data
0779Packet Switching Network 36- Data
09xxService Order Activity
0901Not Provisioned/Provisioned incorrectly 57- AssigningProvisioning
0902Switch not Provisioned/incorrect chng to switch 57- AssigningProvisioning
0903Not Assigned 57- AssigningProvisioning
0904Order issuance Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
0905Jumper not run in C.O. 2- CentralOffice
0906Jumper not run at Cross-connect 45- OutsideTerminals
0907Drop Wire not connected (or no drop) 30- ProtectiveConnectingArrangement
0908Wrong Pair assigned/Moved to Correct 57- AssigningProvisioning
0909DOR/No Facilities-Order Closed 57- AssigningProvisioning
0911IXC/ILEC-request to id network demarc not tagged on turn-up 57- AssigningProvisioning
0912Connected to wrong CFA (Correct CFA on SO) 57- AssigningProvisioning
0913Order not processed correctly (BRPC) 57- AssigningProvisioning
0920Fiber - Jumper Not Run 57- AssigningProvisioning
10xxRecords/Provisioning Error
1001AAIS Facility information incorrect 57- AssigningProvisioning
1002Disconnect/Reconnect Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1003Carrier Channel/Design Assignment 57- AssigningProvisioning
1004IC assignment 57- AssigningProvisioning
1005CNAS/TBS Facilities information incorrect 57- AssigningProvisioning
1006Line number screening database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1009Dropped from switch, no SO exists 57- AssigningProvisioning
1010NPA Split / Overlay Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1011NPA/NXX Code is wrong or missing 57- AssigningProvisioning
1012PIC Error office wide 57- AssigningProvisioning
1013Business Services Provisioned wrong 57- AssigningProvisioning
1014Adjunct, Voicemail provisioning 57- AssigningProvisioning
1015POTS Features Provisioned wrong 57- AssigningProvisioning
1017Translation Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1018E-911 ALI/ANI Administration 57- AssigningProvisioning
1019E-911 Translation Routing Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1020VMS-Mark Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1021VMS-Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1024AIS-Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1025ERS Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1026ERS ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1027CNET-Mark Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1028CNET-Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1029CNET-Feature not in Translation 57- AssigningProvisioning
1032Call Intercept-Switch Translation Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1033Call Intercept-Switch not Built Correctly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1034Call Intercept-Service Node Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1035Call Intercept-ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1036Call Intercept-SPACE Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1037Call Intercept-AAIS not Built Correctly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1038Call Intercept Admin Number 57- AssigningProvisioning
1040MLCN-ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1041MLCN WAH-ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1042MLCN APF-ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1043MLCN Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1044MLCN-WAH-Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1045MLCN-APF- Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1046ISDN-Change/Update Software/FTR NOT AC 57- AssigningProvisioning
1047ISDN-CENTRANET Removed 57- AssigningProvisioning
1049ADPROOF-ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1050ADPROOF-Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1051ADPRF-RCF Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1052N11 LIDB Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1053N11 -ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1054N11 -SW/TRIGR Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1055ACD-Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1056ACD-Incorrect Ordering 57- AssigningProvisioning
1057ACD AIU/MIS Database Programming Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1059ECF AAIS Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1060ECF BAS-Switch Routing Translation 57- AssigningProvisioning
1061ECF BAS Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1062ECF BAS-ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1063ECF BAS-SPACE Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1064ECF BAS-Admin Number 57- AssigningProvisioning
1065ECF CLMGR-Switch Routing Translation 57- AssigningProvisioning
1066ECF CLMGR-Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1067ECF CLMGR-ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1068ECF CLMGR-SPACE Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1069ECF CLMGR-Admin Number 57- AssigningProvisioning
1070DIG COMP-Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1071DIG COMP - ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1072DIG COMP-VML SVR Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1073DIG COMP-AAIS Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1075CAD-ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1076CAD-Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1080CRS-Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1081CRS-ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1086WINC-Switch Routing Translation 57- AssigningProvisioning
1087WINC-Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1088WINC-ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1089WINC-SPACE Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1090ACR-ISCP Database Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1091ACR-Switch Not Built/Not Built Correctlytly 57- AssigningProvisioning
1095xDSL Provisioning Error 57- AssigningProvisioning
1099WINC-Admin Number 57- AssigningProvisioning
11xxCarrier (Field) or Concentrator (analog/digital subscriber carrier systems)
1101Pair-gain single -channel analog 49- CoEquipmentOther
1102Pair-gain multi-channel analog 49- CoEquipmentOther
1103Pair-gain cabinet or housing 49- CoEquipmentOther
1104Pair-gain single -channel digital 49- CoEquipmentOther
1105Pair-gain multi-channel digital 49- CoEquipmentOther
12xxCentral Office/Remote Switching
1201Not Assigned
1202Base Unit Customer Line Equipment (line cards) 2- CentralOffice
1204Frame Protection 2- CentralOffice
1205Frame Jumper 2- CentralOffice
1206CO Power Supplies 2- CentralOffice
1207DLC/MUX Power-Battery, Rectifier failure 2- CentralOffice
1208DLC/MUX Common hardware failure 2- CentralOffice
1209Peripheral Support/Remote Test Equipment 2- CentralOffice
1210Timing 2- CentralOffice
1211CPU Software / Memory 2- CentralOffice
12124Tel Hardware Failure-non service affecting 2- CentralOffice
1213Equipment overload/congestion/trunking 2- CentralOffice
1214Base Unit Network hardware 2- CentralOffice
1215Central Office product support equipment 2- CentralOffice
1216Switced Based Data Services 2- CentralOffice
1217Channel Bank System Failure 2- CentralOffice
1219Channel Bank Unit Card Failure 2- CentralOffice
1221Cross Connect Frame 2- CentralOffice
1222Central Office CXR Repeaters 2- CentralOffice
1223Asynchronous Fiber- CO or remote terminal 2- CentralOffice
1224Microwave (Analog/Digital) 2- CentralOffice
1225Mobile Radio (CO Equipment Only) 2- CentralOffice
1227Sense and Control Points 2- CentralOffice
1228Service Circuits 2- CentralOffice
1230Analog Subscriber Carrier 2- CentralOffice
1232Digital Subscriber Carrier 2- CentralOffice
1233SONET Fiber-CO or remote terminal 2- CentralOffice
1234DWDM-CO or remote terminal 2- CentralOffice
1235Voice Frequency Equipment 2- CentralOffice
1237Remote Unit Customer Line Equipment 2- CentralOffice
1238Remote Unit Hardware 2- CentralOffice
1239DLC/MUX 2- CentralOffice
1240911-E911 Selective router/tandem 2- CentralOffice
1242Rural Radio CO Equipment 2- CentralOffice
1245CO Battery Failure 2- CentralOffice
1246CO Generator Failure 2- CentralOffice
1247CO Rectifier Failure 2- CentralOffice
1248CO Power Other 2- CentralOffice
1250Feature rebuilt in switch 2- CentralOffice
1263SS7 Equipment 2- CentralOffice
1265Collocated Equipment 2- CentralOffice
1266CO Lan Hardware 2- CentralOffice
1267Real Time SMDR Hardware 2- CentralOffice
1269Billing Data Collectors 2- CentralOffice
1280ISDN-PRI trunk not turned up 2- CentralOffice
1295VMS-Rebuilt in switch 2- CentralOffice
1296CNET-Rebuilt in switch 2- CentralOffice
1297ACD AIU/MIS Hardware 2- CentralOffice
1298ACD System Links 2- CentralOffice
1299ACD/MIS Modem Links/Outage 2- CentralOffice
13xxTest OK
1301TOK-Central Office - initial test 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1302TOK-Customer Care- initial test 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1303TOK-Automated Test System 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1304TOK-SPOC 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1305TOK-BRC 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1308TOK-save a dispatch (tech) or Customer Care 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1309Scrubber - Customer Answers 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1310Scrubber - Customer Contacted - No Answer 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1350SPECIAL SERVICES Only Changed @ customer's request 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1351SPECIAL SERVICES Only No remote test access 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1375CNET-CENTRANET 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1376User Inquiry/Error 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1377MLCN-Multi-Location CNET 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1378ISDN-Integrated Services Digital Network 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1379ADPROOF 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1380Call Intercept - TOK 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1381VMS-Voice Messaging Service 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1382ADSL 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1384ECF-Enhanced Call Forwarding 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1385AIS-Automated Info Services 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1386ACD 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1387CRS-Customer Routing Service 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1388TOK-WINC 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1389TOK-POTR 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
1390ERS 26- TestedOKVerifiedOK
15xxCame Clear
1503CZT-Central Office Technician 28- OutdieFacilityTestFoundOK
1505Special Service Technology 28- OutdieFacilityTestFoundOK
1507Coin Collector/Maintainer 28- OutdieFacilityTestFoundOK
1509CZT/BZT - Field Technician Premise Visit 28- OutdieFacilityTestFoundOK
1510CZT/BZT- Field Technician (no visit/call ahead) 28- OutdieFacilityTestFoundOK
1550SPECIAL SERVICES Only-Changed @ customer's request 28- OutdieFacilityTestFoundOK
16xxCustomer Error
1601Equipment Conditions - User Error 25- CustomerOperatingInstructions
1602CLEC Order not received at NOM 25- CustomerOperatingInstructions
1603Service Order Required 25- CustomerOperatingInstructions
1604Customer Error-incorrect info provided by CLEC 25- CustomerOperatingInstructions
1606Party line abuse 25- CustomerOperatingInstructions
1607Nuisance calls 25- CustomerOperatingInstructions
1701No Access-RETAIL Only 42- CancelExclude
1702No Access-WHOLESALE UNE Loop/Platform-BILLING REQ'D 42- CancelExclude
1703Locate request (drop/cable) 42- CancelExclude
1704Customer Canceled 42- CancelExclude
1705Disconnect/Reconnect by customer request - BILLING REQ'D-Texas Customers Only 42- CancelExclude
1706Disconnect/Reconnect number, customer reports Only (nonpymnt,vacation rate or other authorized disconnect) 42- CancelExclude
1707Buried Drop Reports transferred to EVE (drop control center) 42- CancelExclude
1708Direct Ship report routed to Verizon Supply for equipment delivery 42- CancelExclude
1709Wrong report or screen used or ticket created in Error-never manual 42- CancelExclude
1710CRC-hard coded in TAS-never manual 42- CancelExclude
1711Critical information documentation Only 42- CancelExclude
1712PPM activity requireing a work order for corrective action 42- CancelExclude
1713PPM activity requireing additional analysis, time , or materials 42- CancelExclude
1714Not Telco Plant (catv, power, security systems) 42- CancelExclude
1715Accompany non-Verizon personnel requiring access for maintenance activity 42- CancelExclude
1716Property damage caused by VZ personnel/equipment 42- CancelExclude
1717toll Fraud Investigation 42- CancelExclude
1718CLEC Service order pending -Verizon caused trouble -if network trouble use network code 42- CancelExclude
1719Clec Service order pending -ALEC / CLEC caused trouble 42- CancelExclude
1720Service Order Pending 42- CancelExclude
1721ILEC/IXC Service Order Pending 42- CancelExclude
1722No Access-Verizon missed appointment (access to CPE required) 42- CancelExclude
18xxNetwork Isolation / Referred Out
1801Other Telco's CLEC/ISP-BILLING REQ'D 59- ReferredOut
1802Other Telco's CLEC/ISP-NO BILLING REQ'D 59- ReferredOut
1803Interexchange Carriers-BILLING REQ'D 59- ReferredOut
1804Interexchange Carriers-NO BILLING REQ'D 59- ReferredOut
1805Vendors Companies - BILLING REQ'D 59- ReferredOut
1806Vendors Companies - NO BILLING REQ'D 59- ReferredOut
1807GTEC/GTEL (refer repots to GTEC or GTEL) 59- ReferredOut
1808LNP-Customer Ported Out, Error by CLEC 59- ReferredOut
1809LNP-NPAC Hardware/Software Error 59- ReferredOut
1810Wireless Service Provider 59- ReferredOut
1811LNP-Customer Port in Error CLEC - BILLING REQ'D 59- ReferredOut
1812LNP Customer Port in Error CLEC - NO BILLING REQ'D 59- ReferredOut
1816Video/Cable TV Provider 59- ReferredOut
19xxCPE - Customer Premise Equipment
1901CPE Repair - BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1902CPE Repair - Maintenance plan -NO BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1903CLEC CPE Isolation -BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1904CLEC CPE Repair maintenance plan -NO BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1905Repair Warrenty - Repaired w/in 30 days of install 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1906CPE Isolation -NON CHARGEABLE-PSC/PUC 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1907CPE Isolation -BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1908CPE Isolation -NO BILLING REQ'D (maint agreemnt) 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1909CPE Extended- BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1910CPE Extended- NO BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1911Commercial Power Failure-BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1912Commercial Power Failure-NO BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1913Coin/Coinless/public equipment - BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1914Coin/Coinless/public equipment - NO BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1915CPE Special Circuit- BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1916CPE Special Circuit- NO BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1917CPE Jack re-association- BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1918C/DLEC C.O. XDSL equipment - Outage-Network Service -NO BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1919C/DLEC C.O. XDSL equipment - CO Splitter -NO BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1920C/DLEC C.O. XDSL equipment-Reset Link -NO BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1921C/DLEC C.O. XDSL equipment-Router, Modem, Ethernet, etc. NO BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1922Scrubber - Customer Answers - OK 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1923Scrubber - Customer Contacted - No Answer 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1925Resale/ Wholesale Advantage - OK to Inside wire/Jack - Time and Material Charges Apply 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1926Resale/Wholesale Advantage Inside Wire/Jack Repaired- Time and Material Charges Apply 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1927Resale/Wholesale Advantage Inside Wire/Jack Repaired - Time and Material - 90 Day Warranty. No Charges Apply 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1940Fiber Data Service - BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1941Fiber Data Service - Repair Warranty - NO BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1942ONT Battery Replacement Warranty - NO BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
1943ONT Battery Replacement - BILLING REQ'D 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
20xxCustomer Deferred
2001Defer to Customer 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
21xxCustomer Denies Charges
2102Customer Denies Charges 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
22xxVZ Long Distance (VSSILD)
2201Provisioning Related 55- IndependentCompany
2202Not Current GTELD Customer 55- IndependentCompany
2203Trouble Found at LEC 55- IndependentCompany
2204Unvalidated Call Accounting 55- IndependentCompany
2205Validated Call Accounting 55- IndependentCompany
2206PIN Provisioning (Broadwing) 55- IndependentCompany
2207Billing 55- IndependentCompany
2208toll Free 55- IndependentCompany
2209International 55- IndependentCompany
2210Outage-WCOM 55- IndependentCompany
2211Outage-GSI (International Network Only) 55- IndependentCompany
2212Outage-GNI (HI&LA Domestic Only) 55- IndependentCompany
2213Outage-LEC 55- IndependentCompany
2214Outage-Broadwing 55- IndependentCompany
2215Network-WCOM 55- IndependentCompany
2216Network-GSI (International Network Only) 55- IndependentCompany
2217Network-GNI (HI&LA Domestic Only) 55- IndependentCompany
2218Network-Broadwing 55- IndependentCompany
2219Intralata toll Resale 55- IndependentCompany
2220NTF-No Trouble Found 55- IndependentCompany
2221Created in Error 55- IndependentCompany
2222TOK-WCOM 55- IndependentCompany
2223TOK-GSI (International Network Only) 55- IndependentCompany
2224TOK-GNI (HI&LA Domestic Only) 55- IndependentCompany
2225TOK-Broadwing 55- IndependentCompany
2226Other 55- IndependentCompany
2227Suspected SLAM 55- IndependentCompany
2228GFIC-toll Fraud Block 55- IndependentCompany
23xxProducts & Services (Trial)
2301ECF BAS-User/Inquiry Error 9- Information
2302ECF BAS-Password Reset 9- Information
2303ECF BAS-Wrong/No Instructions 9- Information
2304ECF Refer to IXC/CXR/LD 9- Information
2306ECF Referred to other TELCO 9- Information
2311ECF Call Manager-User/Inquiry Error 9- Information
2312ECF Call Manager-Password Reset 9- Information
2313ECF Call Manager-Wrong/No Instructions 9- Information
2315Digital Companion-User Inquiry 9- Information
2316Digital Companion-Refer EBUS 9- Information
2317Digital Companion-Wrong/No instructions given 9- Information
2320POTR-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2321POTR-Referred to ISP/Call Counts 9- Information
2370SWITCH Translation Error 9- Information
2371VMS Not Built/Not Built Correctly 9- Information
2372Service Node Error 9- Information
2373ISCP Database Error 9- Information
2374SPACE Database Error 9- Information
2375AAIS Not Built/Not Built Correctly 9- Information
2376Admin Number 9- Information
2377TOK 9- Information
2378User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2379Wrong/No instructions given 9- Information
24xxProducts & Services (Pre-migration)
2401CNET-User Guide 9- Information
2402CNET-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2403CNET-Wrong/No Instructions at POS 9- Information
2405CMAC-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2411MLCN-CentraNet Issue 9- Information
2412MLCN-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2413MLCN-WAH User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2414MLCN-APF User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2420ERS User Guide 9- Information
2421ERS User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2423ERS Admin Number/PIN 9- Information
2441Wireless-CAS Record Mismatches 9- Information
2442Wireless-Roaming/Network Related 9- Information
2443Wireless-Roaming/General Info 9- Information
2444Wireless-Programming/Authorization 9- Information
2445Wireless-Drop Shipment Inquiry 9- Information
2446Wireless-CPE Problems 9- Information
2447Wireless-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2448Wireless-Referred to Service Bureau 9- Information
2449Wireless-Referred to LD Provider 9- Information
2450Wireless-Referred to Network Performance Team 9- Information
2451Wireless-Referred to WSP/Network 9- Information
2452Wireless-TOK 9- Information
2465DNIS-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2470ACD-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2471ACD-CPE 9- Information
2479VID CONF-TOK 9- Information
2480VID CONF-CPE 9- Information
2481VID CONF-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2482VID CONF-Referred to Service Provider 9- Information
2483ADPROOF-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2484ADPROOF-Referred to ESC/Call Counts 9- Information
25xxProducts & Services (Pre-migration)
2515VMS-Reset Password 9- Information
2516VMS-User Guide 9- Information
2517VMS-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2518VMS-Access Number 9- Information
2519VMS-Wrong/No Info given at POS 9- Information
2520VMS-Pager Notification 9- Information
2521VMS-Server Not Built/Not Built Correctly 9- Information
2522VMS-Server Outage/Downtime/Delays 9- Information
2530VMS-CLEC Inquiry 9- Information
2531VMS-CLEC Provisioned Incorrectly 9- Information
2532VMS-Wrong/No info given at POS 9- Information
2533VMS-Assistance given to OSP/CO 9- Information
2534VMS-Additional SO Required 9- Information
2535VMS-Referred to the NMC 9- Information
2540ISDN-Referred to ISP (Internet Service Provider) 9- Information
2541ISDN-Additional SO Required 9- Information
2542ISDN-Referred to IX/CXR/LD Provider 9- Information
2543ISDN-CPE/Vendor Issues 9- Information
2544ISDN-User Inquiry/Error (Other than SPID) 9- Information
2545ISDN-Wrong/No instructions given at POS 9- Information
2546ISDN-SPID/Switch config provided to Cust. 9- Information
2547ISDN-Improper Customer Installation 9- Information
2548ISDN-Packet Error 9- Information
2549ISDN-Assistance given to OSP/CO 9- Information
2556ICA-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2561AIS-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2562AIS-Server Hardware 9- Information
2563AIS-Server Software 9- Information
2564FAXTHRU-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2565FAXTHRU-Wrong/No instructions given at POS 9- Information
2573CRS-User Guide 9- Information
2574CRS-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2575CRS-Admin Number/PIN 9- Information
2579CAD-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2580CAD-Blocking Issues 9- Information
2583ACR-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2585ADSL-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2586ADSL-Referred to ISP/CLEC 9- Information
2587ADSL-ATU-R modem 9- Information
2588ADSL-CPE 9- Information
2589ADSL-Outage-ISP 9- Information
2590ADSL-Service Order Related 9- Information
2592BILL 2000-User Inquiry/Error 9- Information
2593BILL 2000-Software 9- Information
2594BILL 2000-Users Guide 9- Information
2595BILL 2000-GTEDS Related 9- Information
2596BILL 2000-Vendor Related 9- Information
2597BILL 2000-Missing Data 9- Information
26xxProduct & Services (Mature)
2601Product/Service Explanation 9- Information
2602Mailed Product or Service user guide 9- Information
2603Call Forward Activate/Deactivate-per Emergency 9- Information
2610VOICEMAIL-Reset Password 9- Information
2611VOICEMAIL-Server not built/not built correctly 9- Information
2612VOICEMAIL-Server Outage/Downtime/Delay 9- Information
2613VOICEMAIL-Recent Order Activity-Server problem 9- Information
2614VOICEMAIL-Switch built incorrectly 9- Information
2620Wireless-Roaming Issues 9- Information
2621Wireless-Programming/Authorization 9- Information
2622Wireless-CAS Record Mismatches 9- Information
2623Wireless-Activation Problems in CAS (referred to Service Bureau) 9- Information
2624Wireless-Issues Handling 9- Information
2625ONE POINT VOICE MAIL (OPVM) 9- Information
40xxFTTP for Exclude Reasons
4001General Question 9- Information
4011Feature - Customer Not Paying 9- Information
4012Feature - Provide Instructions 9- Information
4013NPA Misdial/Fax 9- Information
4021S.O. Activity - Cleared On Due Date 57- AssigningProvisiong
4022Order Status 9- Information
4023Install Tech Arrival Statue 9- Information
4024Confirm Appt 9- Information
4025Renegotiate Install Appt/DD 9- Information
4026Account Susp/Exprd/Cndd/Inval 9- Information
4027Pending Order 9- Information
4031CWA - Customer Will Advise 9- Information
4032Remove From Hold 9- Information
4033Customer Cancelled 9- Information
4034Wrong Report Created 9- Information
4035 Call Regarding Closed Trouble 9- Information
4041 Assisted w/CD Manu Workaround 9- Information
4042 Provided Order # For Install 9- Information
4043 Assisted With CD Installation 9- Information
4044 Msn-Installation Assistance 9- Information
4045 CD Tracking 9- Information
4051 Activate ONT In IVAPP 9- Information
4052 Corrected In Vz System 9- Information
4053 Corrected/Rebuilt PVC 4- CustomerProvidedEquipment
4054 Tech Inventory Check 9- Information
4055 ONT Ranging Error 9- Information
4060 Referred Out No Affiliate ISP 9- Information
4061 Referred To Encore Billing 9- Information
4062 Referred To Encore Sales 9- Information
4063 Referred To VRRC 9- Information
4064 Referred To Vol (DSL, Dial-Up) 9- Information
4065 Buried Wire/Cable Locator 9- Information
4066 Report Prop DMG Ref Construction 9- Information
4067 Referred To Fiber Inform Website 9- Information
4068 Referrred To Equipment Vendor 9- Information
4090 OCCA/OB Call Customer Advised 9- Information
4091 OCCAV/OB Call Customer Advised Voice 9- Information
4092 OCCNA/OB Cll Clr Customer Not Adv 9- Information

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