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Common Abbreviations

Trouble Descriptions
Term Description Abbreviation
No Dial Tone The end customer does not have dial tone on this line. NDT
Ring No Answer When called line rings with no response. RNA
Can't be Called The end customer can not receive phone calls CBC
Can't Call Out The end customer can receive calls but can not make calls out. CCO
Noisy Noisy trainsmission or static on line. NSY
Can't Break Dial Tone The end customer cannot break dial tone to call out. CBDT

Test Results
Term Description Abbreviation
Open Out Line tests open out TST O/O
Line Crossed Line tests crossed XTALK, LN XED
Open In Line tests open in TST O/I
No Trouble Found No trouble found on line NTF
Test OK Line tests OK TOK

Facilities Information
Term Description Abbreviation
Cable CAB
Pair PR
Cable & Pair Identifies the facilities that Verizon has assigned to this end customer. C/P
Circuit ID Circuit Identifier CKT ID
Associated Telephone Number 10-digit telephone number associated with the Telephone Number or Circuit ID for which the trouble ticket is being opened ASC TN
Jack Jack JK
Port Information Assignment Information PRT
Splitter Line Share Information SPLT

Term Description Abbreviation
Call Waiting CL WTG
Call Forwarding CL FWD
Voice Mail VM
Caller ID CID

Dispatch Direction
Term Description Abbreviation
Dispatch out Dispatch technician to end customer's premise DPO
Dispatch in Dispatch technician to the Verizon Central Office DPI
Demarcation Point/Network Interface Device   NID, DMARC

End Customer Contact
Term Description Abbreviation
Access Hours Indicates date/time availability for technician access ACC
Access Hours Indicates the earliest time the end user will provide access to a Verizon technician. Note Verizon requires a four hour access window ACC 1-5p
No Access No access to customer premise NA
Verify Verify information VFY
Request Cooperative Testing Cooperative testing requested COOP TST
Apartment APT
Basement BSMT
Building BLDG
End Customer Contact End customer contact name CC

Other CLEC Information
Term Description Abbreviation
CLEC Trouble ticket number CLEC internal trouble ticket identifier TT
Close To Information Close this ticket to CL2
Contact Information Contact CNTCT
Additional ADDL
Information INFO
Miscellaneous MISC
Emergency Need emergency dispatch or rush dispatch due to emergency situation EMER

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