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Industry Notifications

November 19, 2007

Verizon CLEC Community -

Trouble Type Code definitions have been updated as follows: 0613- CFA Change, 1522 - Vendor Meets

June 28, 2007

Verizon CLEC Community -

The necessary steps to request Performance Monitoring of a HICAP circuit have been added to the How do I section.

April 9, 2007

Verizon CLEC Community -

A Job Aid has been added to the How Do I area to help you with the Multi-ticket Create Process.

December 16, 2006

Verizon CLEC Community -

LSI-TA, TAXI and EBTA were enhanced with the Vendor Meet function. This enhancement provides CLECs with the ability to schedule Vendor Meets on a Trouble Ticket Create request. The CLEC must use Trouble Type code 1522 in addition to specifying the same from and to Premise Access day/date and time. Vendor Meets may only be scheduled locally M-F 9am-4pm. Requesting multiple dates and times will result in an error. Requesting a Vendor Meet outside of M-F 9am-4pm local time will result in an error. Once scheduled, the date and time of the vendor meet may not be changed in a Trouble Ticket Modify transaction.

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