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Trouble Admin Help Center | Customer Service Centers

LSI-TA (Local Service Interface - Trouble Administration) provides CLECs with complete electronic trouble administration functionality to create and self-sufficiently manage trouble tickets. CLECs are able to manage trouble situations in much the same way that Verizon uses internal systems to support products and services sold through traditional retail channels.

For assistance with the LSI-TA application, please contact the LSI-TA Helpdesk at 800-425-2144 , option 2.

CLECs may use the Customer Service Centers listed below as their single point of contact for end-user (your customer) trouble administration.
NOTE: These centers do not take calls from your end users.

East | West

Verizon East
States Supported: Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington, D.C

Regional CLEC
Maintenance Center (RCMC):

RCMC Products Supported:

Resale (POTS, Non Designed and Designed), UNE-P (Designed and Non Designed), UNE Analog and Digital Loops (Designed and Non Designed), UNE Ports (Designed and Non Designed), DSL, HICAPS, LNP

Customer Care: 804-593-7015

Verizon West
States Supported: Parts of California, Florida, North Carolina and Texas

Regional CLEC
Maintenance Center (RCMC):

RCMC Products Supported:

Resale (POTS, Non Designed), UNE-P (Non Designed), UNE Analog and Digital Loops (Non Designed), UNE Ports (Non Designed), DSL, LNP

Partner Solutions Maintenance Center (WMC): 800-593-3099

WMC Products Supported:

Resale (Designed), UNE-P (Designed), UNE Analog and Digital Loops (Designed), UNE Ports (Designed), HICAPS

Customer Care: 804-593-7015

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