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Traditional ads—those predictable, broad-based messages we’re so used to—aren’t as effective anymore. A rapidly expanding digital landscape with more accessible media is creating a new platform to develop and distribute customizable and targeted advertising.

We’re investing so you don’t have to

Verizon is investing in an infrastructure that will support unicast services, enabling you to capitalize on the possibilities of digital media advertising without large capital expenditures: Our advertising solution will enable:

  • Customized and personalized placement and analytics
  • Cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Increased agility, so you can continue to innovate in pace with digital media
  • Improved audience responsiveness, message targeting, and ad buys

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Digital Hollywood Media Summit
2012 Media Summit . New York
March 6-8, 2012
McGraw-Hill Building, 49th St. and 6th Ave., New York City

National Association of Broadcasters Show
NAB Show
April 14 - 19, 2012 . Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas Convention Center
South Upper Hall SU9522

Transforming digital media from challenge to opportunity
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