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Verizon Unicast Content Delivery Services

The future of unicast delivery, now arriving ahead of schedule

Imagine what a highly scalable and robust unicast solution could do for your business. Imagine unconstrained interaction with consumers, and that it’s highly scalable, robust, and efficient. Most importantly, imagine what such a solution could do for your bottom line. There’s no need to imagine with Verizon Unicast Content Delivery Services.


  • High-capacity, high-quality, real-time individualized video streaming
  • Intelligent edge asset management
  • Contextual ad and content insertion
  • Virtually any network, any device, any time delivery
  • Managed quality of service from content to consumer
  • Robust and agnostic digital rights management


  • True unicast delivery. Distribute high-quality on-demand, live, and linear premium media to individual devices simultaneously.
  • Multi-screen, multi-network, multi-devices. Offer seamless, high-quality, reliable media consumption without having to invest in the delivery infrastructure.
  • Unmatched scale and reach. Serve millions of on-demand digital video requests simultaneously with our Verizon-class unicast network, uniquely designed for premium media.
  • Uncompromised quality. Maintain sharp images, full sound, and the most impactful premium media experience possible.
  • Personalized experiences. Provide individualized content with promotions tailored just for your consumers.
  • Proactively adaptive technology. Take full advantage of proliferating devices without worrying about how. Automate content-to-consumer delivery with economies of scale. 
  • Profitable digital media retailing. Increase the commercial value of digital media and grow advertising revenues. Seamlessly incorporate targeted and contextualized advertising into your content offers. 

Contact your sales representative to discover how Verizon Unicast Content Delivery Services can revolutionize your business.

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