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Ordering Wireless Services

Take advantage of this information that we've designed to help you with Ordering Wireless Services.

Before You Start

Once you have established a relationship with Verizon, an essential next step is to familiarize yourself with the information you need to know to complete the ordering process.

Regional Definitions

SS7 Certification


Visit the Enhanced 9-1-1 page for the Wireless Activation Guide

Electronic Interface and Connectivity

Verizon offers the ability to electronically submit requests for Access Services via Connect Direct.

System Connections

Ordering Applications

Order Assistance and Samples

Take advantage of this information designed to help you successfully submit Access Service Requests (ASRs).

Access Business Rules

ASR Samples - Wireless

Operator Services/Directory Assistance (OS/DA)

Service Inquiry

SONET Order Requirements Assistant

Wireless Project Management

Wireless TQ Job Aid

Special Access Order Intervals

About Wireless Local Number Portability

Please visit the Training site for Wireless LNP training.

Review Wireless-specific information to assist you with Local Number Portability (LNP).

Wireless LNP Ordering Process

Order Samples (East | West)

Local Business Rules

Local Service Interface (LSI)-East

Wholesale Internet Service Engine (WISE)-West