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White Page Caption Proofs

The White Page Caption Proof verifies the appearance of any individual white page caption, as it currently exists in the DexMedia LLC (publisher of Verizon print directories) database for the End User Customer. This is a useful tool when sending an order to modify a caption listing. If you request the White Page Caption, you will know how the caption is currently formatted.

Timeframes and Method of Delivery

The White Page Caption Proof is provided only when requested. A reasonable number of requests will be fulfilled. The Caption Proof is not generated automatically like the Directory Listing Verification Report. The White Page Caption Proof is normally delivered via fax or mail service.

Requesting a White Page Caption Proof

To request a White Page Caption proof complete the Request Form. The Form Instructions can assist you in completing this form. The White Page Caption Proof Field Descriptions will assist you in using the Caption Proof that is provided from your request.