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Ordering Directory Services: Directory Listing
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Product Overview

A Directory Listing is a standard listing that includes the name, address and telephone number of an organization/firm/individual. This listing appears in the Directory Assistance records and the White Pages Directory.

CLECs are responsible for the content of their listing data and are subject to applicable regulations and are solely responsible for the editing, verification and correctness of their end users' listings.

Service Types

The following service type(s) of Directory Listing are available:
  • Directory Listing
  • Stand Alone

The following listings are available for Stand Alone and Directory Listing:
  • Simple Residence Listing
  • Simple Business Listing
  • Complex Business Listing (normal sequencing)
  • Complex Business Listing (not normal sequencing)

Before Completing Your Order

Please gather and validate the following information prior to submission of your Directory Listing order.

Order Information for Directory Listing:
Action Reference
If you are provisioning new or change service determine a valid due date for your order. Resale Intervals (East)pdf file
To ensure accurate order submission and E911 database updates determine valid service address for the end user. Obtain accurate information from the end user and validate by using the appropriate Pre-Order transaction. Address Validation/TN Reservation Pre-Order Sample (East)
Determine other order information by completing the appropriate Pre-Order transaction for your order activity type. Order Activities and Pre-Order Transactions
Gather accurate service ordering codes. Universal Service Offering Codes (USOCs) (East)
Provide the correct TOS (type of service) for the specific service being requested. Verizon's Business Rules

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Completing Your Order

Verizon East - South, End User Listing accounts have replaced most of the current Standalone Listing and Directory Listings accounts associated with Unbundled Network Elements (UNE) Loop Services. For a comparison of the UNE Listing Accounts, please refer to the Business Rules. The UNE Listing Accounts Comparison is located in Appendix 3.6 of the Order Appendices.

A standalone directory listing is an independent listing not associated with any other activity related to an end user account. The "REQTYP" field is populated with "JB" on the LSR.

Provide correct listing indicators for directory scoping information, dual name and solicitor information.

Validate directory delivery address.

Review listings prior to directory closing date and submit corrections.

Standalone directory is only valid for Loop Service and Facility Based End User (EU)

When submitting a change to a listing that currently exists, use the correct Alphabetical Listing Identifier (ALI) code associated with the listing information you are changing. If you are working with a UNE listing in Verizon East reference the CSR for listings converted to the 'end user' format, or the ALI Code Report for listings in the old 'BAN' account structure, to locate the ALI codes. To obtain access to the ALI Code Report, contact your Account Manager and provide the following information: company name, AECN/ACNA codes, jurisdiction and e-mail address for the appropriate party within your organization who is responsible for the maintenance of the report.

Proper use of indents is critical in the placement of listing information for over, under and captions listing.

Verizon East the "REQTYP" on the LSR of "J" should only be used for Standalone Directory listings under a Special Billing Number or End User Listing Account Number. (i. e., Loops, Facilities Based CLECs). The "ACT" on the LSR of "J" can only be used with "REQTYP" of "D (Platform), E (Resale), F (Port), or M (Combined Loop and Port w/Cage)".

Yellow Page Headings (YPH) are available for assignment through the LSR process when a new business listing is being requested. The following links will provide additional information on Yellow Page Headings in Verizon East

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Proprietary Information of Verizon Information Services
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Verizon provides additional information for Directory and Caption Listings as identified below:

Verizon East
Directory Distribution
Directory Listing Inquiry Form (RI Only)
Directory Listing Verification Report
Directory Listing Verification Report Schedules
Directory Listings - Service Order FIDSpdf file
Directory Specifications
Directory Titles/Degreesdoc file
End User Listing Q&A Reviewdoc file
End User Listing CLEC Reference Guide - Northdoc file
End User Listing CLEC Reference Guide - South doc file
Local Service Provider Section of Customer Guide
New Local Number Portability Localities
Regional NXX Reference
Yellow Pages - Heading Files, Changes and Directory Advertising


Directory Schedule
Directory Schedule - East
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