Customer Wholesale Portal (CWP) Reports

About CWP

Several reports are being transitioned from their current File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Platform to the Customer Wholesale Portal (CWP) Reports. The CWP Reports will expand storage capacity and enhance data privacy and security capabilities. In order to ensure that Verizon maintains a secure environment, a Local Service Provider (LSP) wanting to retain existing or create new access to the CWP Reports must have an authorized representative from their company complete the registration process.

While the CWP Reports are grouped together on this page, they are separate and distinct reports and a LSP must register for each report separately. When a LSP application user registers for their first report they will be assigned a User ID and Password. Any subsequent requests to the CWP Reports will be handled as an update to their existing profile. Therefore the LSP application user has the ability to utilize the same User ID and Password for any of the CWP Reports for which they register.

Upon receipt of a User ID and Password the LSP accesses the reports for which they have requested by clicking one of the associated reports links below. The LSP is then prompted for login information. After a successful login, a list of files for the report selected is presented for download.

For more details on each report see associated information files below. Please note that the Bulk Loop Qualification Extract, Product & Service Availability (PSA), Street Address Guide (SAG) and USOC to English reports have an additional requirement for access, which includes a Non Disclosure agreement. Billing arrangements are also required for the PSA and SAG reports.

Bulk Loop Qualification Extract (Verizon East)
Verizon East License Agreement

Customer Service Record - CSR over 10K (Verizon East)
Informational file

Listing Verification Report (Verizon East)
Listing Verification Report Overview

Provider Notification - PN (Verizon East)
Informational file

Product & Service Availability - PSA (NY/NE)
Informational file

Street Address Guide - SAG (NY/NE)
Informational file

USOC to English (Verizon East)
Informational file
For Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA), please submit request at

Help with CWP Reports Registration

View Verizon East CWP Reports Registration Instructions

Need help registering as a user? View Verizon SSO User Registration Training.

To manage users go to the Wholesale User Admin Console.

Need training on how to manage users? View the CUA web-based training module.

For a list of steps to access the CWP Reports view: CWP Access Checklist

For additional information on CWP Reports, see our CWP FAQs