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Provisioning For Local Services

About Provisioning For Local Services
The provisioning of local services is integrated into Verizon's local ordering processes. These processes utilize the Local Service Request (LSR) for the order format. Once the LSR passes the appropriate edits, is accepted by our ordering centers, and the due date is agreed upon, the circuit(s) on the order begins going through the provisioning process.

Verizon's enhanced Partner Solutions Provisioning Tracking System (eWPTS) is the system Verizon uses to provision requests once they have entered the provisioning process. There are presently 4 modules covering the various local services available: Hot Cuts, Shared Services, New Lines, and UNE/Resale. Each module has a view the CLEC can use to monitor the provisioning of their circuits.

Available Solutions

A Hot Cut is a near-simultaneous disconnection of a Verizon working loop from a port on one carrier's switch, and the reconnection of that loop to a port on a different carrier's switch, without any significant out-of-service period.
Learn more about the provisioning process.

Number Portability - Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers

  • Verizon East- NY/NE, NPD, MDV regions: All provisioning steps associated with porting (Local Number Portability - LNP) of DID telephone numbers are coordinated with the Regional CLEC Coordination Center (RCCC) at 1-800-888-0093, option 5.
  • When submitting LSRs for DID number porting, CLECs must signify the appropriate Desired-Frame-Down-Time (DFDT) for when the port is scheduled and translations release would be needed during normal business hours (i.e. M-F 8 AM to 5 PM ET), with all work being completed by 6:30pm ET.
  • RCCC technicians will call the Implementation Contact number provided on the LSR on the Due Date (DD) to advise CLEC customers that a DID number port is scheduled on that DD. Calls not returned by 6:30 PM ET, or orders that don't receive a call consenting to translations release, will be pushed out to the end of the current year and a SUP will be required on the LSR to 're-date' the orders.

  • Out of Hours port out request
    An Out of Hours port out request is a request that a local number port be completed after 5P local time Monday-Friday, or between 8A ET and 4P ET Saturdays (Sunday and Holiday ports are not considered). Pre approval is required for all Out of Hours port requests
    Learn more about the provisioning process.

    New Line
    The New Lines eWPTS module is used to provision the following products:

  • Analog New Lines
  • Digital New Lines
  • Learn more about the provisioning process.

    Shared Services
    The Shared Services eWPTS module is used to provision the following products:

  • Line Sharing
  • Line Splitting
  • Migrations (non Hot Cuts)

  • Learn more about the provisioning process.

    The enhanced Partner Solutions Provisioning Tracking System or eWPTS is the online, interactive way to provision and track your Partner Solutions orders.
    Learn more about eWPTS and how to get access.

    Wholesale Advantage (WA)/ Resale
    The Wholesale Advantage (WA)/Resale eWPTS module is used to provision the following products:

  • Resold Pots
  • Resold Specials
  • Wholesale Advantage (WA)
  • Wholesale Advantage (WA) Specials

  • POTS/Voice Service on FTTP Loops and Associated Back up Power
    Verizon provides certain Wholesale Advantage and resale POTS/voice services using, in some cases, Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) loop facilities. In such cases, Verizon must install an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) at the customer premises. The ONT requires a 110v AC power source for the power supply. In the event of a commercial power outage, the service will not function without a back-up power source, such as battery backup equipment, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), or an onsite generator. Click here to identify various power supply configurations used by Verizon, and to get more information on providing compatible battery backup equipment and batteries for cases where your end users wish to have battery backup.

    Learn more about the provisioning process.

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