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Currently VTAG provides the following functions:

Ticket Management Tools

  • Trouble Ticket Create   – You may open a trouble ticket for Switched, Special Access, TLS, VZB Wholesale services and Local Wholesale circuits in the Verizon Trouble Administration System and obtain a Verizon Trouble Ticket Number.
  • Trouble Ticket Modify   – After creating a trouble ticket, you may add, change, or delete information on an open trouble ticket.
  • Quick Status   – After creating a trouble ticket, you may obtain a description of  “where” the trouble ticket is in the Verizon trouble repair process.
  • Request Escalation – Enables you to submit an escalation request on circuits for Escalation Levels 1-4.
  • Repair Verification - This function will provide a list of Cleared Tickets Awaiting Repair Verification in which you will need to accept or deny closure of the tickets.  Verizon will also attempt to deliver a voicemail notification regarding the cleared tickets if a Company Location has been established and a telephone number was provided.  If no response is received by the customer within 72 hours of the Verification notification, the ticket will be automatically closed by Verizon.
  • Request To Cancel Trouble Ticket - This function enables you to request to cancel an opened trouble ticket.
  • Enhanced Status Inquiry - Allows you to view and determine current status on all of your company's open and closed trouble tickets in Verizon's Trouble Administration systems.  This includes tickets that were opened Manually or through VTAG, TAXI Access.
  • Work List Filter -This function provides a 30-day list of transactions meeting the criteria you requested.  You will select the transaction(s), date, and search by a specific Circuit ID, Customer Reference Number, or Verizon Trouble Ticket Number. You may then view the Request, Response,or Error provided after submission for processing.


  • Trouble Ticket History   - Enables you to view the history on closed trouble tickets on the 5 most recent troubles that occurred in the past 45 days on any Access circuit.
  • Extended Trouble History   - Enables you to view closed trouble ticket histories within the past 12 months in Verizon East and the past 400 days in Verizon West on any Access circuit.

Self-Service Tools

  • Test a Circuit - Initiates a test for Special Access circuits where there is remote test access capability. (DS0, dedicated DS1 - not channelized, DS3). Ping test for Wholesale TLS circuits can also be done using this option.
  • Performance Monitoring - Retrieves performance monitoring data for the customer’s circuit from network elements in Verizon's network through which the circuit is routed,without making a call to the Verizon Test Center
  • LoopUp/LoopBack Transaction - Allows the placing of a loop in the Verizon network at the Carrier Facility Access (CFA) so the customer may run a test pattern from the customer side of the CFA through the CFA to the loop and back.
  • Look Up Circuit ID - Used to verify a Circuit ID or format when the Number Component, Trunk Number, A Location, and/or Z Location OF the circuit is known.  This can be used for Serial as well as Telephone Number formatted circuit types.  You must also select the state where the circuit resides.

IN the VTAG System you will find:

  • Admin Access Request Form
  • Data Dictionary
  • Web-based Training
  • Job Aids:  Error Messages, Cause and Disposition Codes, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

On the VTAG Home Page you will find:

  • Access to the “Access ID Request Form” via the “Apply for VTAG Account” link
  • Web-based Training
  • Release letters AND information

Please contact the assigned VTAG System Administrator of your company for a new UserID, a password reset, if you are experiencing system problems, or if you need training.
If you do not have or do not know your VTAG System Administrator, please use the “Contact Us” tool for assistance with a new User ID, password reset, or system problems. 

For training requests or general system questions, please email TA-ASSIST@verizon.com.