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The audience your digital media deserves

You want your digital media content to reach the biggest audience possible and create stellar revenues. But a number of challenges stand in your way:

  • Large numbers of new devices and distribution partners that must be onboarded quickly
  • Ensuring a quality digital experience and safeguarding your intellectual property
  • The exponential complexity of transferring, reformatting, and managing the content

The digital media solution your bottom line requires

With Verizon Digital Content Distribution Services, you can overcome digital media distribution challenges—and to take full advantage of its revenue opportunities.

  • Accelerate and expand opportunities. Focus on your own business, and let our automated, end-to-end SKU creation and content delivery fast-track your content.
  • Simplify your business. Our solution removes complexity from your processes, so you can reduce your operating expenses.
  • Redefine digital media economics. Grow your digital media revenues without investing in expensive infrastructure.

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Digital Hollywood Media Summit
2012 Media Summit . New York
March 6-8, 2012
McGraw-Hill Building, 49th St. and 6th Ave., New York City

National Association of Broadcasters Show
NAB Show
April 14 - 19, 2012 . Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas Convention Center
South Upper Hall SU9522

Transforming digital media from challenge to opportunity
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