Glossary of Telecom Terms : V

Even experts need occasional help with telecom terms. We have combined glossaries from several sources to simplify finding the definitions you need.

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Value Added Network (VAN)
A communication network that provides features beyond basic transmission of information. For example, a data network that provides protocol translation or a voice network with enhanced call routing or distribution features.


Verification Evaluation and Testing System (VETS)
System that allows system testing on working and testable lines.


Verizon East
The Verizon territory formerly served by Bell Atlantic: NY, CT, MA, RI (North, formerly NYNEX); DC, DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA, WV (South, formerly Bell Atlantic).


Verizon Internet Provider Test Access
A web-based service order signoff procedure that automatically completes the order for the customer once Verizon has completed all required testing. Learn more.


Verizon North
The Verizon territory formerly served by NYNEX (NY, CT, MA, RI) prior to its merger with Bell Atlantic.


Verizon Optical Networking Service
Verizon Optical Networking is a dedicated, point-to-point, private line Ethernet service offered through Verizon Wholesale. Learn more.


Verizon Repair Resolution Center
The center that serves as the single point of contact for CLECs regarding end-user trouble administration (Verizon West).


Verizon South
The Verizon territory served by Bell Atlantic prior to its merger with NYNEX (DC, DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA , WV ).


Verizon Trouble Administration Gateway
Verizon's Trouble Administration Gateway (VTAG) is Verizon's Web application to report and track troubles on Switched or Special Access services. Learn more.


Verizon West
The Verizon territory formerly served by GTE: NC, FL, TX .


Verizon Wholesale
A Verizon line of business focused on selling to Service-Provider customers.


Vertical Features
Optional features offering enhancements to access line services are available for both Residence and Business end users.


See Verizon Internet Provider Test Access.


Virtual Circuit/Virtual Channel/Virtual Link
A communication channel that provides for the transport of asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) cells between two or more endpoints. This channel does not require a physical link between the endpoints.


Virtual Collocation
An arrangement whereby a Collocator's facilities are interconnected with local exchange carrier-owned cable and equipment that is located in the local exchange carrier's central office building, but dedicated to the Collocator's use. The collocator can select the type of equipment, but the equipment is owned and maintained by the LEC.


Virtual Private Network
Virtual private networks are secured private network connections, built on top of publicly-accessible infrastructure, such as the Internet or the public telephone network.


Voice Frequency
An audio frequency in the range necessary for transmission of speech.


Voice Grade
Private Line services offered through Verizon Wholesale that provide fast, clear and reliable analog transmission of the voice and low-speed data communications. Learn more.


Voice over Internet Protocol
An industry transmission standard which supports voice communications over packet networks, such as the Internet.


Voice Mail
A service that allows a subscriber to receive messages via a voice mailbox system when an unanswered call is received on their phone or cell phone.


Voice Recognition
Machine recognition of a specific human voice.


See Voice over Internet Protocol.


See Verizon Trouble Administration Gateway.



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