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DS1 Special Access Service

Why Verizon?

Special Access provides our customers with a high degree of support, ease of doing business, service assurances, an array of self service tools, and a high level of certainty. Verizon's reliable network positions you for speed-to-market and lets you provide high-speed connectivity without high capital costs.

" We offer a variety of Special Access pricing plans to suit your needs - including individual circuit pricing plans, regional plans, as well as a nationwide pricing plan."

Product Manager - Marian Howell

Link to high-speed, high capacity capabilities via a Verizon dedicated DS1 Special Access line. One of our lines gives long distance service providers the capacity of 24 voice-grade lines as an economical means for generating revenue.

DS1 Special Access Service provides virtually error-free voice, video and data transmission at speeds up to 1.544 Mbps. You can deliver fast access between sites or the public network, without dial-in delays or switching fees. Plus, you allocate bandwidth and link devices or locations to meet specific customer needs.

In connection with this Special Access Service, we also offer Inside Wire Services which you can order on behalf of your end user customer. Click on one of the links to review the specific terms and conditions for the Verizon West Inside Wire Services or Verizon East Inside Wire Services.

Multiplexing technology transmits many streams of information across one physical connection. The service breaks transmissions into small pieces, combines them with others and transports them as a group. Therefore, your line accommodates vast amounts of data and lets you control capacity efficiently.

The service connects you and your customers to Verizon wire centers or hubs that bridge and multiplex transmissions for termination in three rate categories:

  • Channel Termination or Subscriber Access Line (SAL) -- recurring/non-recurring charges apply.
  • Channel Mileage or Transport -- a per airline mile rate is applied, fixed rates and Transport Termination may also apply.
  • Options -- additional charges for signaling, hubbing, conditioning and transfers.


  • DS1 Special Access Service enables variety in digital applications while giving you control over network usage and costs using Verizon's substantial infrastructure and support resources.
  • Where SONET connectivity is available, DS1 Special Access delivers near 100 percent survivability.


  • Use DS1 Special Access for customer-to-service provider and service provider-to-POP connections.
  • Establish computer-to-computer and LAN links.
  • Interconnect PBXs.
  • Use DS1 Special Access for slow scan or compressed video.
  • Recommended to customers for Internet access, transaction processing, cell site and base station controller to mobile switching and remote client server or peripherals connection.

A Special Access DS1 is a dedicated private line service that provides a connection between either an end-user customer and a carrier or a connection between two end user customers. It provides a high-speed dedicated line capable of transmitting multiple streams of information. A DS1 may handle voice and data and is perfect for upgrading or consolidating your network and provides the flexibility to allocate bandwidth to best meet your needs. You can link multiple devices or locations together, or you can maintain one powerful connection.

Because they are dedicated lines, they give you fast access between sites or to the public network. You avoid the dial-in delays and fees associated with switched or non-dedicated lines. Also, you can sidestep the high costs and unpredictability often encountered in connecting distant locations because you own and control the access.

SLA Options

Verizon offers two different service level agreement (SLA) plans for interstate Special Access DS1 services. The basic SLA is the default plan and provides credits for certain service interruptions and, in many service areas, for certain missed installation commitments. The optional National SLA Plans are provided as an alternative to the basic SLA (and require a written subscription). The National SLA Plans provide you with circuit-specific credits for missed installation due dates when Verizon fails to meet an overall monthly on-time provisioning threshold. The National SLA Plans also provide circuit-specific credits when the circuit is out of service for longer than a specified threshold interval and Verizon fails to meet an overall monthly mean-time-to-restore (MTTR) threshold. These two options give you a choice on the SLA plan that best fits your business needs, and are described in Section 2 of Verizon Tariffs F.C.C. Nos. 1, 11, 14 and 16. For more information about our SLA plans, including applicable open subscription periods for the National SLA Plans, contact your Account Manager.

Read Current Analysis' report on our SLAs.


  • Virtually error-free voice, video and data transmission, at speeds that save time and money.
  • Circuits with the capacity to handle data streams ranging from voice communications to full-color images and video, enabling a wide variety of applications.
  • Near-100% survivability with optional SONET ring, where available.
  • Flexibility to add channels as your requirements change.
  • Service Discount Plan Option gives you easy service upgrades (for DS1) and portability features.

Customers can choose from a variety of optional features to go with High Capacity DS1 Service. These features fall into disaster recovery/avoidance and combining data and voice lines. High Capacity helps customers reduce the number of lines they use for voice and data connections by combining voice and data lines with these optional features: Central Office Multiplexing, Direct Termination into Centrex, and Clear Channel Capability.


High Capacity DS1 lets customers exchange data files quickly, because they use a dedicated line rather than compete for space on the public network. Because customers pay a fixed monthly fee for High Capacity, they can make as many transmissions as needed for as long as needed without incurring usage charges. Central Office Multiplexing lets customers divide a DS1 channel into 24 voice-grade channels and allocate bandwidth as necessary for smaller data transmissions.

  • High volume and high speed dedicated access
  • End-user to IXC connection
  • IXC POP connection
  • Computer-to-computer and LAN links
  • PBX interconnections
  • Video (DS1 slow scan or compressed video; DS3 broadcast quality video)
  • Internet access
  • Transaction processing
  • Videoconferencing
  • Remote client server or peripherals connections

To learn more about this service, please contact us or call your account manager today.