Private Line

Secure...dedicated...point-to-point...all words we use to describe the large range of solutions that Verizon Partner Solutions offers in our suite of Private Line solutions. With an expansive selection of options, we are able to meet whatever capacity demand you have for both local and long-distance needs.

Custom Connect

Expand your capabilities -- and your customers'. Custom Connect enables long distance providers to transport voice, video and data services faster, farther and more reliably than other technologies. Plus, Custom Connect's standard interfaces net you speed-to-market with new service offerings that can increase revenue. >more

Digital Data Services

Increase your earnings and eliminate weak signals with Verizon''s Digital Data Services. Service providers improve communications and send them faster over our dedicated lines. >more

DS0 Special Access Service

Give customers circuit quality connections that typically cannot be duplicated with unconditioned analog circuits. DS0 Special Access includes 2- and 4-wire voice bands and program audio circuit paths at 200 to 3500, 100 to 5000, 50 to 8000 and 50 to 15000 Hz ranges. Verizon ensures reliability and security with network monitoring and support around-the-clock. >more

DS1 Special Access Service

Link to high-speed, high capacity capabilities via a Verizon dedicated DS1 Special Access line. One of our lines gives long distance service providers the capacity of 24 voice-grade lines as an economical means for generating revenue. >more

DS3 Special Access Service

Win customers by offering affordable bandwidth for the applications they require. Verizon's DS3 Special Access Service upgrades or consolidates your network for provisioning seamless voice, video and data applications that are not only reliable, but also cost-effective for you and your customers. DS3 is your direct line to increased revenue and customer satisfaction. >more

Integrated Optical Service

Revolutionize the way you serve customers. Verizon's Integrated Optical Service delivers multiple technologies over one compact delivery architecture via resilient optical services. Verizon's Integrated Optical Service is one of the most powerful network convergence and consolidation technologies available today. You efficiently control operational costs and simplify network management while offering the traditional applications and next-generation interfaces that delight customers. >more

IntelliLight Broadband Transport (IBT)

Long Distance providers can connect customers with high bandwidth over a shared infrastructure as a powerful source of revenue. Verizon's IntelliLight Broadband Transport (IBT) service provides a secure SONET-based interface for reliable, point-to-point fiber optic connection. >more

LAN Extension Service (LES)

Need a cost-effective solution for providing customers competitively priced Ethernet-based services? Look no further than Verizon. Our LAN Extension Service empowers you with the fiber needed to feed Ethernet capabilities -- wherever fiber facilities are available. >more

Metro Private Line SONET Service

Impress your business customers having applications requiring lots of bandwidth with your capabilities for high-speed connectivity. Verizon's Metro Private Line SONET service fills the order for you at speeds from OC-3 to OC-192. Even your subscribers with the most demanding applications will applaud your service. >more

Metro Private Line TDM Service

Metro Private Line ("MPL") Service provides point-to-point and point-to-multipoint (hub/end link) circuit offerings in over 85 U.S. Metropolitan areas. This service can provide dedicated bandwidth speeds from DS-1 to DS-3 to customer locations originating and terminating within the same Local Access Transport Area (LATA) or a defined MPL corridor. >more

Metro Wavelength Service

Verizon’s Metro Wavelength services allow you to offer your customers a high-speed, private network that provides dedicated transport options. Metro Wavelength gives your subscribers optical network connectivity services in single or multiple wavelengths for point-to-point or multipoint configurations. This arrangement makes it easy for you to meet your business customers’ needs for an affordable high-bandwidth IntraLATA transport avenue.


Optical Wave Service

As demand in network capacity continues to increase to support high bandwidth services and when bandwidth requirements between two locations are very large, Optical Wave Service may be your preferred solution for interconnectivity. Optical Wave Service provides for a fully-managed, point-to-point circuit over a dedicated path across Verizon’s ROADM-based shared wavelength network infrastructure. >more

U.S. Private Line SONET Service

Verizon's U.S. Private Line SONET service is designed to handle the most demanding business applications that your subscribers use. Our service arms you with a product that delivers high-bandwidth transport at speeds from OC-3 to OC-192. >more

U.S. Private Line TDM

Verizon U.S. Private Line services provide dedicated point-to-point and dedicated multipoint private line service that are capable of supporting voice, data, and video communications needs. >more

U.S. Wavelength Service

Verizon's U.S. Wavelength service lets you provide dedicated bandwidth customer solutions such that each request for service is designed and priced on an individual-case basis. U.S. Wavelength service gives your subscribers options for using single or multipoint configuration optical network connectivity services that can help preserve their critical business data. >more

Verizon Optical Networking

Gain a competitive edge with our new Verizon Optical Networking service. Verizon Optical Networking offers point-to-point, dedicated Ethernet private line service for intraLATA access applications. The Verizon Optical Networking platform allows the convergence of voice and data, seamlessly, so your customers receive a single LAN/WAN network solution while purchasing only the bandwidth they need. >more

Voice Grade Special Access Service

Long distance providers stand out loud and clear among competitors with Verizon's Voice Grade Special Access Services backing communications. Our services provide fast, quality analog voice and low-speed data transmission. >more

OC 192 Available for Point-to-Point SONET