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Trouble Admin Help Center | What is LSI-TA?

LSI-TA (Local Service Interface - Trouble Administration), accessed via the World Wide Web, is provided by Verizon for CLECs to electronically create and self-sufficiently manage trouble tickets.

LSI-TA allows CLECs to manage trouble situations in much the same way that Verizon uses internal systems to support products and services sold through traditional retail channels.

LSI-TA provides CLECs with complete electronic trouble administration functionality.

LSI-TA Transactions:
  • ADSL High-Band Special Service Test
  • Enhanced Status Inquiry
  • Extended Trouble History
  • Special Service Test
  • Status Inquiry
  • Trouble History
  • Trouble Ticket Close
  • Trouble Ticket Create
  • Trouble Ticket Inquiry
  • Trouble Ticket Modify
  • Trouble Ticket Partial ID Search
  • Trouble Ticket Service Recovery
  • Trouble Ticket Test
  • Vertical Feature Verification

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