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Connectivity Guide
Verizon East

Welcome to Verizon East's Connectivity Guide.

Verizon offers its CLECs services to assist in transmitting/receiving electronic messages to/from Verizon.

Verizon provides assistance to the CLEC in connecting to Verizon, testing its own interface, and using the interfaces for transmitting/receiving electronic messages to/from Verizon.

As stated in the Change Management Agreement, End User Interfaces are electronic gateways (e.g., the Verizon Local Service Interfaces) that allow the exchange of data between a CLEC's representative and the Verizon OSS (Operational Support System) infrastructure. CLECs are not permitted to utilize automated programs or robots on the Verizon Local Service Interfaces. Such activities will result in Verizon taking immediate action to terminate any abuse by CLECs of the Local Service Interfaces.

Verizon adheres to standards and guidelines that are reflected in its systems and documentation. These standards allow the CLEC to use consistent information to transmit/receive electronic messages to/from Verizon.

The information provided is specific to the Verizon Eastregion.

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