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Connectivity Testing

The Connectivity Test is performed to verify that Local Service Interface and/or EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communications between the CLEC and Verizon are in place and reliable. For Verizon Local Service Interface testing, the CLEC is provided the necessary information to connect to Verizon.

For EDI connectivity testing, the type of physical connection chosen will drive the scope of the test. In general, the test will follow the outline described below. Not all new connections will require the entire set of tests; in fact, most do not. However, the basic connectivity and Gateway-to-Gateway tests must be run for all connections.

The EDI connectivity testing will commence in the CLEC Test Environment (CTE) so that any system issues can be worked out in a safe environment. Once Certification is received, the testing then moves to the production environment . To determine the appropriate scope of testing, contact the Verizon Connectivity Management Team. The general outline for a connectivity test suite can be:

In the CTE Environment:
  • Connectivity testing
  • Gateway-to-Gateway Testing
  • CTE Testing

In the Production Environment:
  • Connectivity testing
  • Gateway-to-Gateway testing
  • Friendly (limited volume of test transactions) Production Testing

Once the testing is in progress, a set of protocols is available for test coordination and for problem tracking. E-mail communication is used initially for coordinating the testing. Conference calls are established to complete connectivity and gateway-to-gateway testing.

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