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Interactive Agent (IA) over a Dedicated Line
EDI format

Interactive Agent (IA) is a protocol based on TCIF-98-006 Issue 2, Revision 1 Interactive Agent Functional Specification, Basic EDI message format for establishing secure direct socket connections between machines . This transport is available through a dedicated (TCP/IP) connection. IA runs on top of SSL3, which provides the basic authentication and encryption services. IA supports the exchange of EDI transactions between trading partners. The IA functions as an interface between Verizon's EDI translator and the CLEC's EDI translator. The underlying structure of the IA is a symmetrical client/server configuration where both the client and server functions are required at each implementation.

This transport is available through the establishment of a VPN net to net connection. Client will provide Verizon with the Peer IP of the VPN appliance along with the remote host IP. For more information concerning the establishment of VPN net to net, please contact

Security Requirements: Firewall Screening.

The following tasks must be completed to establish this connection:

Submit Connectivity Request over a Secure Connection Submit a Connectivity Request Form.
(A new Connectivity Request Form must be submitted if you are making changes to an existing connection.)
Complete Connectivity Testing View information about Connectivity Testing.
Complete CTE Testing View information about CTE Testing.
Ready to Begin If you have completed the previous steps and are experiencing systems trouble, please contact the Help Desk at 877-946-5222.

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