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The Fiber Availability Inquiry provides a CLEC with the facility environment serving the end user. This transaction enables the user to check the Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) availability after receiving an exact-match Address Validation.

When to Use
The Fiber Availability Inquiry is used prior to submitting a Local Service Request (LSR) for service at a new location, prior to making changes to existing service and prior to moving service to a new location.

How to Complete
The Fiber Availability Inquiry transaction requires that the user has already received an exact-match Address Validation. The required field for submitting this inquiry is: Fiber Availability ID (FAID). Note: To obtain the Fiber Availability results, this field (FAID) must contain an exact match of the data returned in the Message ID (MSGID) field from the Address Validation or Loop Make Up response.

Pre-Order Samples
To help complete this Pre-Order transaction, select the reference number to view the corresponding sample that will illustrate the proper fields and valid entries for the transaction.

Fiber Availability:
Ref. Description
  • View fiber availability

  • Responses from Verizon
    The response may identify the type of facility serving the end user. Valid Entries for the Facility Environment include: A (Fiber), B (Fiber & Copper), C (Copper), or D (Provisioning is not available at the address). If there is Fiber serving the end user, then the Fiber Service Qualification (FSQ) field will be populated with "A" (Fiber to the Premise Available - Optical Network Terminal must be installed), or "B" (Fiber to the Premise Available - Optical Network Terminal Present).

    If the Fiber Service Qualification (FSQ) field is populated with "B"(Fiber to the Premise Available - Optical Network Terminal Present) then the ONTPT, ONTPA and ONTPU fields shall be populated and returned in the response. The ONTPT field will indicate the total number of ONT Ports, the ONTPA field will indicate the number of ONT Ports that are available, and the ONTPU field will indicate the number of ONT Ports that are in use.

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    Business Rules Entry
    This column shows you the appropriate field entries for this Pre-Order transaction, as specified in the Verizon Pre-Order Business Rules.

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