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Pre-Order Transactions: Installation Status
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The Installation Status inquiry allows the CLEC the ability to query the status of pending work
request(s) associated with a Service Order number and Circuit ID.

When to Use
The Installation Status inquiry is used by the CLEC to check status of pending requests that require dispatch of a Verizon service technician to an end user location. An Installation Status inquiry may be submitted once a Firm Order Completion (FOC) is received and up until one day after the Service Provisioning Completion Date.

How to Complete
The required fields for submission of this inquiry are "State/Province," "Type of Line Prefix," "Exchange Company Circuit ID" and "Order Number."

Responses from Verizon
The CLEC will receive a response from Verizon in the INSTAT field that contains the information:
  • CAN—Canceled
  • CMP—Completed
  • DSP—Dispatched
  • FUT—Future
  • GRP—Grouped
  • JEP—Jeopardy
  • LNK—Linked
  • PAC—Pending Auto Completion
  • PFA—Pending Facility Assignment
  • PLD—Pending Load
  • PRE—Preassigned
  • PSC—Pending Screen
  • PWD—Pending WORD
  • RET—Returned
  • TRL—Trial

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Business Rules Entry
This column shows you the appropriate field entries for this Pre-Order transaction, as specified in the Verizon Pre-Order Business Rules.

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